What will this ost?

What will this cost?

Manta Ecuador – August 2013

Miracle, a noun meaning “amazing or wonderful occurrence,” comes from the Latin miraculum “object of wonder.” Dig way back and the word derives from smeiros, meaning “to smile,”  (vocabulary.com)

A Miracle!  An ‘amazing and wonderful occurrence’ sprinkled happy dust over me this week!

Was magic dust i the air this past week?

Was magic dust in the air this past week?

I am typing from a faster-thinking mini laptop, and am happy that my future photo images should not be tainted by cataracts!

P1790888 mata street address

P1790901 repair shops mata

The technology gods watched over me in Manta this past week! The two repair shops were within shouting distance, and I easily walked from one to the other in less than one minute!   The smiling folks at Radeca summoned the ER doctor, who did several tests and suggested an external keyboard, which he quickly retrieved. He said that it would only cost – brace for the price – eighteen dollars.

(What?!!! Eighteen dollars?!  Was I dreaming?!)

Monica at Radeca

Monica at Radeca

We discussed giving the tired little burrito a good physical, a virus check, etc;  Doc’s estimate was 40 dollars.  Wanting to clarify, I asked, “Forty dollars for the checkup plus the keyboard?”

“No.  Forty dollars for everything.”

We agreed that I would return the following day in the early afternoon.   Great!  One down, one to go!

P1790891 digital repair

This would be my second visit to the digital camera repair shop in the past year, though this trip involved more serious work.   The last visit cost 20 dollars, so I predicted this one might cost around 40.  Compared to an official Panasonic shop in Guayaquil that requested an 80-dollar non-refundable deposit, I was confident that I would dodge another expensive bullet!  He eyed the camera and said that it would be ready at 2 the following day.

P1790900 manta entro digital repair

I promise, I'll be good if you take me home with you!

I promise, I’ll be good if you take me home with you!

I pondered the computer estimate and wondered if I had misunderstood the Spanish.  Like a good parent, I checked back the net morning just to be sure all was going well.

Burrito laptop was getting a total re-installation of windows.  Gulp.

Oh, Littlebit!  Would you have a lobotomy and return to me with little memory of the good burrito you’d been before?!   Three or four hours more would soon reveal the answer!

Latin America often delivers spooky last-minute surprises when a bill is presented, so I braced for the discharge paperwork.  I also pondered the cost for the digital camera repair.

P1790877 digital repair

The Panasonic Lummix – The lens appeared free of cataracts!  Yes!  Total cost?  Twenty dollars!  Like last time, I tipped a dollar extra for a cervesa at the end of his work day!

Stepping across the street, I walked to the ER room.  Doctor requested a little more time – 14 minutes or so… In search of non-yellowing varnish for pisos/floors, I visited three hardware stores.  Returning half an hour later, I was allowed into the operating room.  Little Burrito greeted me with warm smiles as doctor and nurse proudly observed!  Ahhhh, that wasn’t so bad, was it?!

P1790911 urrito repair

The new external keyboard is needed for the c and x keys. (I’m copying and pasting right now, as the keyboard is still in the box, and I am still in transit!)   I worried about what a total re-installation of windows would cost.  The last person who re-installed windows (in costa Rica) lost all of my music.  “Music?”  he had asked, “What music?”  and then he added, “Oh those files were corrupt.”

This week I was sure that Doc had re-installed my files, and I also had backup at the riverhouse, so I was not too concerned.

Total price for computer work? Bottom line: (Drum roll:…………………………..)

Forty dollars! Period.

Forty dollars!!!!

Forty dollars!!!!

This fun comment awaited moderation when I logged onto the internet last night: “Hi, Lisa. I’m Eisser. I was his doctor in Manta, in RADECA. If you need anything else, just tell me. And if you want I travel to your home. Bye.”

Some people come to Ecuador for the climate.  Some because their money stretches a long way.  Some for medical tourism.  Some love the culture.  Perhaps now some will come for camera and computer repair! Eisser even makes house calls!

:)) Z