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P1790561 COMPASS

A good drawing is like a compass!

“Without good drawing, the foundation of a painting will collapse.”  (Ken Danby)

Timeout for Art is quite tardy! Should I detour to the Principal’s Office for a permission slip to return to class?!

Jama bus stop  - straight across from the cyber cafe.

Jama bus stop – straight across from the cyber cafe.

I am writing while riding the bus as I retrace a trip I made yesterday – and the day before! – as I navigate an obstacle course for the final steps of my visa.  I think the Devil set a few traps, and I’m trying not to let him get the best of me!

Yesterday, weary and disappointed about a few clipped hurdles, I returned via bus to Jama around sunset. I had left home the day before and hoped that I’d be home that day.  Ha!  The battery ran down on the mini laptop, and the recharge cable was at home. Suspecting that the Devil had sabotaged the internet cables for a finale of a stumbling block,  I stopped for a cybercafe check before going home.

100_9658 chivos damned goats on road

Seeing the gringa walk past, the goats will surely bolt for the riverhouse and strip all of the plant life from the yard and gardens!

Three messages pertaining to red tape for my visa informed me that I should return to Manta to sign more papers!  Sigh.  Did I mention that the first hour of my trip is a 5K walk to town to catch the first of three buses?!

Layers of paint build to make a riher design..

Layers of paint build to make a richer design, but what happens when there are changes to make?

Meanwhile, the almost-finished compass creeps along as I fine tune the details when time permits.  How could I have forgotten to include a marker for NORTH?! Editing a tiny part of the design, I hope to finish when I return from this almost-final trip to my attorney’s office.

Now on my way home after a 6-hour trip, I am typing as a curious fellow passenger hangs over the seat and asks questions as I work!   Pushed for time, and with a slight case of motion sickness, I am passing the mike to the  images and  will let them speak for themselves!  (Note how subtle layers of paint help build depth in an image.)

P1880953 layers

Gesso, a thick white water-based paint,helps make a clean repair!

P1880954 layers

Hurried and a bit sloppy in the mosaic area, the gesso washes are more precise in important areas. A steady hand (and eye!) helps nail those details.

P1880956 layers

The next layer of gesso is tinted to matsh the faux grout.

Oops! Where is north?

Sometimes we have self doubts:  “Oops! Are you sure this is north?”  (Yes, I am sure!)

P1880961 layers

More layers of paint, and the design weans into the mosaic.

P1880962 layers

After more layers of paint, it’s time to hone in on those tight areas…

P1880967 layers

After another layer of blue, attention was switched to the the gold marker.

P1890025 layers

Do you see slight changes to the design?

P1890026 layers

There are several more tiny details (afterthoughts!) to add that will make it look more believable.  Instead of being ‘glued’ to the mosaic, the marker should be held in place with two brass screws.

P1890038 layers

Almost finished! Latitude and Longitude points have been added. Does anyone have suggestions for last-minute details?

The mini bus has just reached the bridge between Bahia and San Vicente, so that means there’s an internet signal strong enough to use!.  Without proofing or fine tuning, it’s time to hit ‘Publish’ before losing the signal!