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P1550802 tres monkeys

Friends at the Mola Series Exhibition

“I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind;  yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.”  (Kahlil Gibran)



This week’s post is strictly called, ‘Timeout,’ and the part about art is open for all to interpret in any manner!  It’s been difficult to be online this week, and I have discovered that many of my comments did not go through.  Perdon!  (Perhaps we can blame internet failures on solar flares?)

belize green palm iguana art P1300259

Hmmmm – can iguanas change their colors? Yes they can!

The week presented me with an assortment of unique encounters with a variety of people.  It has also closed a few doors and opened new ones.  I have met some dynamic positive people, and I have faced a few disappointments, like when the “nice” minibus driver dropped me off at the edge of town on my way home.  I carried my bag and a box of supplies for blocks and blocks on deserted streets in the night.   I was in no danger, yet I was disgusted that the driver had so little code of honor.

I often remind myself that if this is as bad as my life gets, I am very lucky!  I have a gift of diving into my art, which keeps me grounded.

philodendron y heliconias y the coral snake DETAILl (1)

Oops! Look who got caught o the wrong side of the fence!

Oops! Look who got caught on the wrong side of the fence!

A few people that I know are enduring difficult times; I admire their ability to endure and hold on to a high code of honor.  Others are teaching through negative examples.  One person says one thing, and another tells a polar-opposite story; I suspect which is the true statement and which is an exaggeration.    My dear friend Margaret often said, “The devil’s busy.”  I wonder when to hold my tongue and when to speak up.

Most times I hold my tongue.

We usually know what's right, but sometimes ego gets in the way!

We usually know what’s right, but sometimes ego gets in the way!

Yes, life presents many dramas;  the greatest lessons come from the most-difficult moments, yet we are often ungrateful to those teachers.

*$*#$! -goats! - Get out of this yard!!!!

*$*#$! -goats! – Get out of this yard!!!!