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Carefree Beauty - Front-door Smiles

Carefree Beauty – Front-door Smiles

The art of hammocking in Ecuador rivals another art, that of idyllic gazing from doors and windows!   Slow your pace and absorb the surroundings, and most likely you’ll find a set of smiling eyes peering from a window or doorway!  Smile, and they return a twice-as-radiant smile!

A Surprise Sonrisa from the Kitchen!

A Surprise Sonrisa from the Kitchen!

How could I NOT share these door and window moments to compliment the previous post about hammocks?

P1700247 window smiles

P1700250 window smiles javier

Smiles between friends warm the heart!

P1700291 window smiles

A smile between strangers sets off a domino reaction of positive energy!

Many of the window photos were taken during the Wear White For Peace march.  Click HERE to see a group of beautiful people from all classes uniting to halt crime in its tracks.

P1700297 jama smile garden

Walking has many advantages over driving; the pace of life slows, and easy smiles bridge language barriers.
P1700238 jama smiles window

Walter always smiles when I stop to buy fruits and vegetables!

Walter always smiles when I stop to buy fruits and vegetables!

Maria! How are you?

Maria! How are you?

I often call “UP” and ask how frail Maria is doing. Sometimes her replies are quite interesting!

Maria's having problems with circulation to her feet!

Maria’s having problems with circulation to her feet!


Walking home in the late afternoon, I enjoyed this dramatic light and shadow visit with two sisters patiently awaiting their mother’s return..

The Gift Of

P1780537 arturo family

After an afternoon of picking coffee and exploring a new area, my friends and I met the Arturo family a few miles east of Jama.

P1780538 arturo family faces P1780551 amazing face arturo familyMost people present a relaxed – and sometimes proud – posture when I ask permission to take photos.  Meeting Arturo and his family enhanced the day!  See: Got Coffee?

P1410571 ano viejo chana window

My good friend Chana shrugged when I asked if she had made an “Ano Viejo” for the traditional new year’s effigy-burning custom; In about an hour, we hurriedly created one!


3 bashful children and one confident leader!

P1700059 windows jama peace - Copy

P1700061 jama windows doors peace - Copy

P1700273 jama smiles windows

Peek-a-Boo, I see you!

P1700222 door smiles

P1700191 gate smiles doorway frown

How can one not love these sweet people of Jama Ecuador?

P1700232 little boy smiles

P1690654 window door smiles

(Manta Ecuador Smiles)

P1700298 window smiles

Surprise! Smile, you’re on candid camera!

P1510803 dier smiles

Sweet Dier – La Division Ecuador

people  P1620057 WINDOW SMILES

I could string a line of images from Ecuador to Mississippi and not run out of smling faces!    This post joins others on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, Carefree.

P1720012 for BTG sonrisa closeup

See this beauty and her lovely sister in CHILDREN AND THEIR GIFTS, written December 2012.