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Rio Jama Hibiscus

Rio Jama Hibiscus

The view from the riverhouse casts a calming almost-magical effect on visitors. The visual embrace rivals prescription medication, and I often find myself soaking in the ever-changing view for hours and hours! 

After many days of cloudy skies, I was happy to record the sun’s placement on the ‘Solstice/Equinox Chart’ for August 2013.

P1800297 marking the sun aug 18 2013 orb

P1800291 SUNDIAL rio jama marking sun

The Zeebra’s method of tracking the sun!

P1800292 marking the sun august 2013

On Sept 20, the sun should shine on the March 20 spot.  This August 18th shadow almost aligns with the one from April 22nd.

Watching that sun and marking its shadow

Watching that sun and marking its shadow

Watching the river awaken each day is equally entertaining. Most mornings the vultures sun themselves near the house, and sometimes they land on the (tin) roof. The sound of their feet screeching on the roof will awaken anyone from the deepest sleep!
P1800367 vulture saluteds the sky

P1800368 vulture salutes

P1800140 vultures on roof

P1800420 rio jama birds

Being close to the ocean, this last bend of the river fluctuates daily. When the river is low, the birds punctuate the mud flats and shallows.

Sometimes  a timeless canoe catches my eye.

Sometimes a timeless canoe steals the show!

Other times an unusual sound prompts to to look outside.  Then I dash for the camera!

Other times an unusual sound prompts me to look outside. Then I dash for the camera!

The skittish cormorants dash equally as fast!

The skittish cormorants dash away equally as fast!


The cormorants caught my attention, yet I instantly froze when I saw this beauty!


The Magnificent and Elusive Cocoi Heron Salutes the Morning Sun

Pulling up the rear are a few images of the whimbrels. Did you know that shooting whimbrels is a sport in some Caribbean countries??!

P1620848 whimbrel flies

P1620395 whimbrel y

P1620382 whimbrel and

Read Petchary’s SHE DID NOT DIE IN VAIN.  Excerpt: “When “Machi,” a Whimbrel carrying a satellite transmitter, was shot and killed in Guadeloupe in September 2011, the international bird conservation community had a rude wake-up call about what was happening to migrating shorebirds in the French West Indies. The fact was that tens of thousands of shorebirds representing several species were being shot by hunters each fall.”  

P1800434 rio jama full aguaji - Copy

So now you see how it’s difficult to abandon views like these so that I can focus on art or reading or writing!  It’s equally difficult to tear myself away to go to town!

Another beautiful finale!

“There can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of Nature and has his senses still.” Thoreau

How lucky I am to be totally immersed in extreme beauty like this!  My cup runneth over, don’t you agree?!  Z