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P1800711 which way is north comjpass

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Focus; “…For this challenge, get out there and take a picture demonstrating the concept of focus.”

Each week I photograph the progress on the compass design (painted on concrete floor) from several vantage points, so with pleasure I present the almost-finished design from many-different angles.

P1800602 compass needle

Because this is a floor, I keep asking myself, “Lisa!  Are those little bitty details really important?”

P1800696 COMPASS DETAILS Cropped

The outside border of the mosaic needs a touch of depth. Trust me, it will be worth it!



Standing on tip-toe, I balance long enough to shoot straight down! (Four-foot wide circle)

The Magic Carpet needs a compass, don’t you think, in case of rain or snow or fog or new-moon nights!


P1800710 compass details

Once the varnish is applied, my chances of fine-tuning are finished.

Each floor tile will get one more thin layer of paint; three to four layers produce a much-more believable floor than one thick application of paint. Shadows and highlights will consume several hours of my attention and require a very sharp focus! I eat every few hours to keep my blood sugar stable, which keeps the hand steady!

P1800709 compasss y flying turtle

Which do you like more, the magic carpet, the turtle or the compass?