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dont touh yasuni 10578_10202086959439820_1323303427_n Ready for your Spanish lesson? Passionate people in Ecuador are joining forces and sending the message to President Correa:  Don’t touch the Yasuni!

The  world’s spotlight continues to shine on Ecuador, that lovely jewel of a country that so captures the hearts of first-time visitors and continues to burn long after that first imprint on the soul.  Often listed as one of the most attractive relocation areas for retirement,  it has many jewels in its crown.



but there’s trouble in paradise…
P1740486 FROG stretch hang in there Environmental disasters scar our world’s landscape;  without conscience, many plunder her resources: entire mountains are mined in order to build highways, beaches are destroyed from sand mining while others look the other way or genuinely do not understand the damage those practices do to the shoreline miles away from the plundering.   Mother Nature bucks like a wild bronco at times; she stretches and belches with earthquakes while volcanoes belch and blow.  Where fracking has been introduced, she now has little seizures where few were ever reported.  Sink holes appear as if an auger bored from beneath and yanked a plug for careful biopsy.

Correa’s recent announcement to resume drilling for oil in Ecuador’s Yasuni  has inflamed many;  how dare he do that? How dare he take back his promise, his vow, his vision?    But wait – every country is raping or has raped it’s section of the planet.  Think about the bread on our table or those cotton garments we’re wearing – forests were felled in order to grow those crops.  Those forests were once majestic like the Yasuni in unique ways.

We are sometimes quick to point fingers at one country or another and say,
Shame on them! – but shame on all of us if we’re too numbed to be concerned about all of these warning flags.

Glaciers are melting.  Think about that – glaciers are melting… snow caps are disappearing.  That endless supply of water is going to trickle away and disappear one day, and then what will the world do to survive?   There are a few pristine untouched areas of our planet.    Share the message and help spotlight this  conflict over the Yasuni:DON'T TOUCH THE YASUNI 2

Do you love jaguars?  While researching this past week’s posts about the Yasuni, I found this:  ” …Its (The Yasuni) incredible riches include more species of insects in one hectare than the US and Canada combined, untold amounts of plant species, and six different types of large cats. Of those, none is more dominant than the jaguar, an “umbrella” species that can be used to measure the overall health of a forest and that—despite the jaguar’s extreme tendencies to prey on all sorts of animals—indirectly helps protect the forest’s biodiversity. “ Read more on Motherboard’s article:  Ecuador may have more Jaguars than Anywhere Else in the World”

They know about the jaguar that escorted me home one full-moon night!

They know about the jaguar that escorted me home one full-moon night!

Another interesting one is NPR’s “Ecuador to the World… World to Ecuador” 

Jama Ecuador’s Silvana joins others in Quito today in an effort to send the message, “Don’t Touch the Yasuni!”    She posted several  updates about the Yasuni,  last night;s was the final before leaving via bus for the Andes.  Read IT IS ABOUT HUMAN BEING.

Show your support for the Yasuni by wearing green and encourage others to do the same!