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“I Found It at Playamart!”

An article in Scientific America’s Scientific Mind  prompted a huge smile!    “… creative thinking reduces stress and keeps the brain healthy…” (Creativity Predicts a Longer Life)  This made me think of the many items that come from Playamart!

playa mart san miguel wood 1150479

Treasures at Playamart! What most people consider trash, I often retrieve for creative use later!

playamart P1040437
0 playamart before y after bed board

Before/After - It Came from Playamart!

Before/After – It Came from Playamart!

playamart lure P1150589 PLAYA MART BOARD what's real and what's painted

(Above: What’s real and what’s painted?!)

The following sea shell instantly triggered a fun image in my mind’s eye…

gleanings shell

At home, I quickly converted the thought into a fun sketch!  Sometimes we should release our inhibitions and have fun without worrying about what others might say

gleanings shelll

Smudged and old, this sketch still makes me smile when I see it!

Lighten up and have fun with your art this week!  Draw some fun doodles, scrawl a few fun words across a discarded board, or give an old relic a face lift!

Do it for your brain and keep it happy and healthy!

PS: (I’m still offline for most of each week while visiting my friends in a remote area;  several times each week we go to town, where I squeeze in an hour here and there for internet.  This is scheduled to be published Wed. evening, so hopefully it works! — Thanks for your great comments and support – and  for not giving up on me!)  Z