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P1840665 timeout for art

“Let whoever may have attained to so much as to have the power of drawing know that he holds a great treasure.”  (Michelangelo)

P1840668 timeout for art butterflies P1840670 timeout for art P1840671 timout for art butterflies

When I block out all distractions and stay focused on my subject, drawing is like breathing – or like taking a refreshing nap!  After half an hour of drawing, I often trade my pencil for a paintbrush.  I quickly wean into a never-never land, and time seems suspended until something pulls me back into the present.  At times I am painting, and at times I am drawing with my paintbrush.

P1840676 timeout for art butterfiles P1840677 timeout for art butterflies P1840679 timeout for art butterfly detail

P1840666 timeout for art butterflies

Many insects flock to the porch lights at my friends’ property near Mindo Ecuador; while sweeping the floor each morning, I collect the dead specimens and use them for reference when I take a timeout for art.   An eclectic composition evolves over the course of a week.


In progress: Trocitos (Pieces) Watercolor

In order to truly know nature, explore the minute details of a leaf or a flower or an insect.  Just looking/inspecting doesn’t always brand those details to memory, but the power of drawing rewards one with a profound appreciation of nature.