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P1870367 night peepers 00“Keep a bad drawing until by study you have found out why it is bad.”  (Robert Henri)

A watercolor instructor (Tony couch) once stated, “You should frame your worst mistakes and put them where you see them often.  They will remind you to NEVER  do that again.”

This week I’ve resorted to using a flimsy paper that was the best I could find almost a month ago in a basic art supply store almost two hours away.  Fair for pencil, it does not serve well as watercolor paper.   People have often stated that I’m a bit too hard headed at times, and after drawing the PEEPERS  in pencil, I wanted to take it a step more with color.  I KNEW that the paper was going to be difficult to use, but…..

After the first few hours, I considered abandoning the painting.  Using a better paper, I would have made faster progress.  The slick surface was unforgiving, and the paper rippled and the washes of color pooled in the low areas.

Frustrated, I switched to a study of a ginger that was growing in the front yard.

Frustrated, I switched to a study of a ginger that was growing in the front yard.

I have also learned NOT to give up too soon, and I decided to stick with the painting for another session.    “Perhaps if I float in the darks, I will know if it’s worth saving.”    Breaking the rules of watercolor, I applied the darks way before their proper time!

P1870504 watercolor PEEPERS

Sitting on the deck, I worked until dark and was quite cold when I stopped.  I perused a few books on nature and gave the painting a rest.   Later that night I resumed work and focused on the foliage then added shadows and floated washes on the frogs.

Attention to details takes a lot of time!

Attention to details takes a lot of time!

The painting demanded a lot of meticulous time;  many times a novice painter stops too soon, where a more-seasoned artist patiently gives the rein to the artwork and lets it run!  Now where would mischievous frogs run with unlimited painting options?

P1870612 PEEPERS

Do you like what’s happening?

Working several sessions in the daytime and for three nights, I’ve painted until past midnight.   At times I switched to small botanical studies and then resumed work on “Peepers.”

P1870620 PEEPERS

The painting needs another four or so hours for details, but I think that “Peepers” will be a keeper.  What do you think?

P1870637 PEEPERS

(Photo taken in the early-morning hours; the focus is not the best, but hey, my camera was sleepy!)

Hopefully this post will jump out of the gate on Wednesday night!   I’ll be online sometime Thursday and hope to have a wee bit of time to say, “Hi” and “Thanks!”