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Two days of hard work equals amazing progress!

Two days of hard work equals amazing progress!

Thanks to all of you who have commented and given support over the past few months while I’ve been offline more than online.  You’ve endured way too many slices of (my) silence, although I think/hope that I’ve read and appreciated most of the comments.   (When in town, I load the pages during lunch at a restaurant with wifi, and I enjoy reading the comments offline at night!)

P1870152 silvana tshirt

Silvana did a great job on this t-shirt, don’t you agree?!

Several people asked about the paint used on the t-shirt;  have you ever soiled your jeans when rolling latex (water-based) house paint on a wall?  The paint rarely washes out of clothing – years later those drips and dribbles still hang tight – so why not use that same type of paint for decorative projects?  

Searching for good squeeze bottles for the paint, we found botttles that came with free drinks!

Searching for good squeeze bottles for the paint, we found bottles that came with free drinks!

At the paint department of a hardware store, I purchase my favorite colors (in quart-sized cans) from a ‘fan’ of custom paint colors.    I then put those just-mixed colors in squeeze bottles, and presto – it’s much cheaper than buying expensive and inferior artists’ paints in these way-off-the-grid locations in Latin America!  I also use these paints for my large acrylic paintings, including the floors. (Holy Piso, Batman, the Bodega Floor is Finished!)

Be sure to select a good brand of paint, and have fun painting!

I am a bit of a watercolor snob and prefer Winsor & Newton artists’ tube pigments.  When I am in the ‘states, I buy a lot of pigments and brushes, and I am very frugal with them!  Every time I open my palette, I’m grateful to have reliable pigments, even if I’ve run out of suitable paper!

Do you like the border?

“Peepers Keepers” – watercolor – Do you like the border?

You gave some wonderful feedback on the striped frogs!  “Peepers Keepers” seems like a perfect name, and I think that this design will find its way into the parameters of a small poster.  How do you like the border?  (Thanks Lynn, for the title!)

I chuckled at highly-talented Ruth’s suggestion about mounting the thin paper to mat board;  for my last exhibition, MDF Plywood was used for matting the watercolors!  Each panel was measured, the window was cut, sanded then prepped with white and then custom painted to match the watercolor!  The end result was unique, but wow, preparing for the series of shows was an event of its own!

the mola series prep P1520645

The small watercolors for the Mola Series Exhibitions (2012 – Manabi Museums/Ecuador)

I keep forgetting to thank everyone again for the amazing feedback on Right Clicking images, a post prompted by WordPress.  Wow.  198 comments confirms that this is a very sensitive issue!

Timeout for Art - A Badge for

Timeout for Art – A Participation Badge – Join us!

Thanks a second time to WordPress, for including the TIMEOUT FOR ART weekly post in their Daily Post Events listings.  They list some great events and challenges, so check them out when you have time!

As with most of my posts for the past few months, this one will wait in the “Pending” folder until the magic of today’s technology sends it to your screen!

P1870829 watercolors botanicals In another week, I just might be online a bit more often.  Until then, enjoy this video that shows the benefits of staying half an hour’s drive down a 4WD mountain road from the nearest wifi signal!  (The video, btw, took 88 minutes to upload, an improvement over the three hours to upload the Magic Carpet Ride!)

See you soon, and thanks again for your continued support!