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Marie's Papaya Bread - Yum!

Marie’s Papaya Bread – Yum!

Halloween and All Soul’s Day whet our appetites for the upcoming holidays.  The variety of foods makes it easy to nibble our way to the end of the year.  “Just one more slice of that pie or cake… twist my arm for some of that buttermilk fudge!”

We enjoy leftovers and find creative ways to extend the feast.   The amount spent on sweets alone — well, that’s where my thoughts linger this week.  When we’re aware of our diets, we hesitate slightly before enjoying that morsel or using self discipline, but how often do we think of others who are not so fortunate – those who are hungry?

A very dear WordPress friend lives in Houston Texas, but his heart is still firmly rooted to his native country, the Philippines.  Please read his posts – and if possible – trade the token amount you might spend on sweets or alcohol – or even coffee – and contribute to his fundraising efforts.

Here are a few blurbs from his updates:

“My mom told me that part of our roof was blown off and it’s flooding inside the house. She’s been having a hard time sleeping at night because of fear that someone will enter our house to steal or harm them. People are hungry. Looting and stealing are starting to rise. I know theft is wrong but I can’t blame them for their desperation. Government Aid in Capiz did not come timely to many especially in isolated rural areas. Children are crying cold and starving at night. Electricity will be down for about 3 months. “

From Island Traveler/This Man’s Journey

“I saw this picture in my relative’s Facebook page several times. It thought it was somebody’s backyard. Then this morning, I thought, “That fallen star and Capiz shells around the Mango tree looked so familiar. It was the very tree that used to stand beautifully in front of our family balcony…”

In the post that followed, he asks with sensitivity, “For all my WordPress family who wish to help provide a roof for the many homeless and orphaned by Typhoon Haiyan here’s my link Team ShelterBox Campaign – Support Flash Barny.

How well I identified with his posts, as I had experienced feelings of helplessness while waiting to hear news after a storm had passed.  I tapped into memories of Hurricane Katrina and remembered my grief when I first viewed live television coverage of the desecration. (Ode to 668 Each Beach)

Before spending holiday dollars on sundry tokens, tinsel and trinkets, help our fellow man, woman and child.    Please help Island Traveler/This Man’s Journey clear his goal of $270.00! at Shelter Box:  http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1079124&supId=395712874&extSiteType=1

Here are two of his posts about the typhoon:


Layers of Legos for Layers of Hope

Please have empathy for those who are truly hungry and homeless.  Thanks for helping if you can!  Z