Marking the sun's placement on the wall

Marking the sun’s placement on the wall

So this morning before going downstairs to resume work on the compass, I took my paints to the balcony to splash more colors of the sunset on the wall.  Never in my five years (on this river) have I seen this giant of the sea swimming in front of the house, but there it was – bobbing as if to ask, “What took you so long to see me?!”

P1890162 sea tyrtle rio jama

By the time I retrieved the camera and coaxed it into working, the gentle giant submerged and retreated toward the ocean.   Seeing her confirms the importance of protecting – not destroying – the mangroves! (See Friday the 13th- Nature Strikes Back!)

It's a sea turtle!

It’s a sea turtle!

I’ll be watching for her tomorrow! WordPress, you picked a great theme for this week’s challenge!