Time flies, and it seems as if this post from last year was just written! I realize that, for me, Thanksgiving comes every day! Living in this ‘third world culture’ that never seems third world to me, I’m so lucky to have good health (most of the time!), the ability to find creative solutions to obstacles in my path, and to have a huge circle of friends that have become my extended family. Thank all of you, my blood family and my extended family, for helping me squeeze the most from each day, even if i repay your kindness and comments with silence! Your positive support and feedback illustrate the goodness in fellow man, and you illustrate hope for a better tomorrow for our world! I am blessed, thanks to all of you!

I’m writing from a restaurant, but there’s a strong chance that my internet problems at the riverhouse are about to improve!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, even if your country doesn’t celebrate this USA holiday! Z

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Pilgrim:  A wanderer, a traveler, a stranger.   Someone who travels a great distance in strange lands to a holy shrine or site. A  person traveling to a place of particular personal interest...

Ecuador captured my heart years ago, and there is an emotional comfort here that is a balm to my soul.  Like the pilgrims that arrived on the Mayflower, I have experienced times of great joy and also faced personal challenges.   Through the good and the bad, I have learned to respect the unselfish displays of love that I receive from the locals.   There have been times when someone stops me, “Gringa! Gringa!” and then hands me a plantain or a piece of peanut candy.   Other times I hear, “Gringita!” and they might share a handful of mandarin oranges or a stick of frozen yogurt!   They all enjoy practicing their English.. “One, two…

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