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“As you can see, I am immersing myself in color—I’ve held back from that until now; and I don’t regret it.” (Vincent van Gogh)

December often crams our lives with tasks and obligations that prevent us from taking a timeout for ourselves. We dart and dash from home to work to social gatherings and events, and we return home to unfinished tasks. Which balls do we drop while juggling too many, and what triggers us to throw on brakes and claim a timeout for ourselves?

El Matal Ecuiador - having fun with color!

El Matal Ecuiador – having fun with color!

Although my life is fairly uncomplicated, the past few weeks have kept me rolling with little time for art. Even though hurried, I am always calmed and grounded even if I only have ten minutes to apply a bit more color to a painting before dashing out the door. I am instantly focused and grateful that I have found an outlet that grounds me in hurried times.

P1700504 bodega floor turtle magic carpet

Detail, bodega floor – acrylic on concrete

When I return home, I open those bodega doors, smile at the magic space that smiles back at me, and I bask in a place of healing, a place that embraces me. If that space were monochromatic, the effect would be a sterile one, but an immersion in color jolts the senses!

Last week when the Ecuador Expat Journey group visited the riverhouse, I again witnessed the room’s effect on others. I remain in awe that my paintings have that power on others. One on one, they probably would not, but in one large dose of explosive color and energy, they startle the senses!

(In progress: IntiRaymi Mask - Acrylic) This very-fun painting makes me smile; does it make you smile?

(In progress: IntiRaymi Mask – Acrylic- 36″ x 48″) This very-fun painting makes me smile; does it make you smile?

Even though you’re rushed and hurried as you ebb and flow through the doors of your home, try to pause and take a timeout for art. Dip into color and transfer your energies into a fast exercise. The art doesn’t have to be museum quality – pretend that you’re five years old and draw with markers for the sheer joy of watching the white paper transform into an explosion of color!