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Sample Inti Raymi Masks - Otavalo Ecuador

Sample Inti Raymi Masks – Otavalo Ecuador

“It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child.”
-Pablo Picasso
Thanks, everyone, for your amazing feedback on the Inti Raymi mask! Although it seemed ‘finished’ to most of you, did any of you guess what those very-important final details might be?

P1900252 mask P1900895 INTI RAYMI DETAIL 1
I strengthened color in a few areas, especially on each side to give the illusion of depth. The stripes that ran behind the mask were a bit ‘iffy’ in places, and the mind has a way of spotting those weak areas and knows that something’s wrong – just not sure what. With a very fine brush and a very-steady hand, I fine-tuned those precise areas behind the yarn. This eliminated that subtle question mark of ‘What is wrong with this picture?”

P1900895 INTI RAYMI 2
The so-very-important final details demanded a very thorough and no-distractions final painting session. I added the S-word illusion to the main character! The final photo session didn’t capture the true brightness and colors, but for now, I present to you the finished painting!  (Yay!)

SHADOWS! Shadows make it more believable!

SHADOWS! Shadows make it more believable!

BTG’s feedback on the Inti Raymi mask led me to his timely post written a few days earlier. He commented, “You gave an actual example of a post I wrote earlier this week quoting Stephen Sondheim – “to make art look effortless takes a lot of effort.” ” Visit his post HERE.

Thanks again for your oh-so-positive critiques and feedback!