This will be one of two reblogs from posts about Christmas in Jama Ecuador from last year. Everyone should experience one Christamas in a remote area where there is little focus on materialism. Happy Holidays everyone, and enjoy the post! LisaZ

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JAMA ECUADOR – December 2012

When I first sank my roots into this farming community, I was one of few transplants. The locals warmly accepted their pale-skinned ‘Gringa Alta,’ and the children learned to quickly spot the strange-talking outsider when she came to town.  Parents sat in the shadows and nudged the ninos to greet the Gringita.  Those children (and their families) have enriched my life.

Many have a basic and simple life that bestows them with rich virtues, although they aren’t often exposed to advanced technologies.   When I compare their simple lives with those in the more-cultured world, I question if one can give a child too much.   Material possessions are oftentimes a curse;  we stay so focused on the newest gadget that we lose sight of the simple and free gifts at our fingertips.

ThisMansJourney’s sensitive post about children and their gifts will warm any…

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