Jama Ecuador – Rycardo Alclivar’s ‘Bamboo Iguana’ presided over the end-of-year festivities and will surely claim the title of ‘Official Greeter’ near the Rio Jama bridge!  Mototaxis ferried people from the center of town and back to peer at the iguana, while buses paused for passengers to take photos!

P1920285 IGUANA

P1920145 rycardo iguana9

In mock grief from losing the ‘old man-viejos’ in the end-of-year effigy “mueneco” burnings,  young men in faux widows’ garb pestered (in good taste!) people who passed by in cars or trucks. At times they gleaned token change to help buy drinks to ease the pain of losing their old men.

P1920300 WIDOWS

P1920441 viejos

Viejos in the nearby fishing village of El Matal –

P1920500 ANO VIEJO

A fierce hood ornament!

Autos sported old-man “viejo” effigies strapped to front bumpers! Little girls floated along modeling princess dresses; smiles ricocheted between eclectic displays of end-of-year creations.

P1920464 little princess

A true princess!

On the afternoon of the final day of the year, Rycardo fine-tuned details on the Iguana as spectators crawled over, under and through the giant bamboo sculpture!  A bandstand, complete with mammoth-sized speakers, claimed a spot near the iguana.  Jama planned to welcome the new year in classic Latin style!

P1920146 rycardo iguana

Rycardo Alcivar attaches fabric to the bamboo.

P1920147 rycardo iguana

“Come on up!”

P1920151 rycardo iguana.9jpg

“Jama” is an Indian word that means “Iguana.”

P1920154 rycardo iguana9

P1920142  tchong34@msn.com P1920141 rycardo iguanaP1920150 rycardo iguana9
The iguana captures the attention of anyone approaching town, and it will surely capture the title of town mascot!

P1920144 rycardo iguana P1920142  tchong34@msn.com





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Jama's New Mascot!

Jama’s New Mascot!