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Posts from other WordPress friends have been zero (to my inbox) today. This is a first!  I’m wondering if it’s a WP glitch or if many of you are battling winter storms. Watching via internet for stories about the ice and snow reminds me of watching Katrina inch toward the Gulf Coast.

Here on the river, I’ve been working (in short sleeves, cropped pants and barefooted) on a not-so-serious painting.  Every so often one should paint just for the joy of painting and have fun!
P1920587 moon window

This could be plate; maybe it’s a painting of an egg?
P1920590 moon window


"Moon Window" in progress - Acrylic on old window shutter

“Moon Window” in progress – Acrylic on old window shutter

“Moon Window” is its name, and it needs one more cleanup session.  Were you able to guess where this painting is located?

Painting, painting, always painting!

Painting, painting, always painting!

Overlooking the river, of course!  The floor will be next!

Moon Window needs theme music, and there are so many songs about the moon that I’m not sure which to select! The floor is open for suggestions! Youtube ‘”Moon Song” videos in the comment box are encouraged!