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Preparing to leave his home in the cloud forest of Ecuador, Huma Diablo aka Inti Raymi Mask (acrylic painting)  parts with his daily breakfast diet of bananas!


Inti Raymi – Huma Diablo – Acrylic by Lisa Brunetti 38″ x 54″

As the magic carpet prepares food and flowers for its airlift of cabin-fever-struct friends, I put out an APB via DHL in search of the Inti Raymi Mask Painting!

P1920095 inti raymi dhl

He left Bahia de Caraquez in highly-capable and loving hands on December 26th, 2013. Where oh where could he be almost two weeks later?

The nice folks at the Bahia de Caraquez DHL office calculated the cost to send “Diablo Huma” to El Dorado Arkansas, and the $177.00 price was a bit more than my cash in hand!  The lady asked, ‘Didn’t you have a show in the museum a few years ago?” and I smiled, and she said, “I remember you; I know you’ll pay us.  Bring it whenever you’re back in town.”

"We'll send it to Guayaquil today!"

“We’ll send it to Guayaquil today!”

With mouth agape, I offered to pay at least the hundred and leave the balance.  “No; that’s not necessary!  We’ll send the painting to Guayaquil today, and it will fly to Miami tomorrow.”

Inti Raymi Humo Diablo statue in  Otovalo Ecuador

Inti Raymi Diablo Humo statue in Otovalo Ecuador

Sigh.  At times Life gives such beautiful presents, and that one of total trust and faith in my honor was a grand one!

Preparing Inti Raymi for the shipping tube (made from PVC pipe!)

Preparing Inti Raymi for the shipping tube (made from PVC pipe!)

The next day I returned to Bahia and proudly handed her the money and wished them a happy new year!  We predicted the mask had probably reached Miami and was preparing to tour New Orleans before cruising upriver to Arkansas.

When Inti Raymi/Diablo Huma did not reach Arkansas a week later, we chuckled and assumed that he brought in the New Year in New Orleans! (I’m sure that he introduced the effigies to the Bourbon Street culture!)

P1920097 dhl bahia

We began to worry this morning, almost two weeks after he left Ecuador. Where could he be? I traveled to Bahia de Caraquez and dropped by the DHL office.  A brief telephone call solved the mystery.   Why didn’t I think of this?!

P1600282 mask light night

Searching for Humo Diablo! Where ARE You?

Continued tomorrow, as instructed by Michelle in the WordPress Weeky Writing Challenge  – Cliffhanger!