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DHL’s international search for Diablo Huma confirmed that he reached Miami; shocked at the absence of end-of-year muencos, he inspired his cabin mates en route to New Orleans to help make miniature effigies.

Handing them out on New Year’s Eve on Bourbon Street, he quickly took cover at the stroke of midnight when the fireworks inside the burning effigies began to explode! P1520525 mask inti raymi

Diablo Huma evaded the massive manhunt by hiding in the darkest corner of the DHL warehouse!    A week later, he peered from behind the long-forgotten orange and black crates of Halloween candy, tipped closer to the loading ramp and casually leaned against the outbound carts labeled “Arkansas.”

Almost-instant karma delayed his departure as a massive winter storm paralyzed the transportation system!  Stuck in a frigid warehouse, he joined others and sat out delays until he boarded a flight for Monroe, Louisiana.

Houston, you can stop transmitting snow now!

Houston, you can stop transmitting snow now!

DHL tracking systems confirmed that he now awaits the final leg of his journey to El Dorado, Arkansas.  He’s probably craving a large bowl of creamy Andean potato soup or maybe a lighter broth sprinkled with lots of non-GMO popcorn!

"Popcorn" Soup!


No one suspects that Diablo Huma has a new goal and is teaching his travel mates the fine art of preparing water balloons for Carnival!

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