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Imagine flowers falling from the sky!

P1860930 banana butterfliesP1870242 MILKWEED

Orange flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, blue

Pink flowers, white flowers – picked just for you!

P1840562 datura


What fun it’s been zipping around the country on the magic carpet while gathering materials for the FULL MOON FLOWER DROP! There’s room for everyone, and we’re set to soar on Thursday, January 16, 2014!


The flight engineer discovered a few minor technical difficulties and tweaked a few threads that got crossed in the carpet.  We’re coordinated to soar out of here under the spell of the full moon!  Hoist one yellow flag if you’d like to receive a flower drop; hoist two if you want to board the magic carpet.

P1860940 monarch

The magic carpet has room for everyone! (Remember to wear yellow!)  You have the option of escaping to the middle of the world and helping with the flower drop – or you can jump on, help with a few drops in your area, return you to your home and resume being responsible!

Imagine flowers – instead of snow or sleet or even rain – falling from the sky! We’ll surprise the entire world and turn troubled frowns into grand smiles!

P1750319 quito watercolor museum heliconias y  lilie

We need a stronger supply of blue flowers but are preparing for a blue-flower sweep through the Andes tomorrow. (There’s a surplus of yellow and orange ones!)


P1570733 datura light

The real surprise arrived in the form of a comment this past week: “Congratulations, your blog has won NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2013. Please click the link below for details.”


Best Blog - 2013

Best Blog – 2013

Surprise, surprise, surprise!  There are some great bloggers out there, and I’m honored that you thought Playamart worthy for the winners’ circle!

Thank you for your amazing support!

Check out the winning blogs here:  http://nepaliaustralian.com/2014/01/11/nepaliaustralians-blog- award-2013-winners-announced/


Thank you again!  You gals and guys are THE BEST!

Flowers for everyone!


P1770269 flowers alstromeria P1580725 CUENCA FLOWERS

From the Cuenca Flower Market (Ecuador)

From the Cuenca Flower Market (Ecuador)