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Picture perfect afternoon!

Picture perfect afternoon! Surely the skies will be clear for days?

Talent renders the whole idea of rehearsal meaningless. When you find something at which you are talented, you do it – whatever it is – until your fingers bleed or your eyes are ready to fall out of your head. (Stephen King)

As if to compensate for the most-recent 2-day power outage,  a burst of energy kept me working at full throttle for the past several days.  After painting touch ups on the wooden balcony floor, I protected it with two coats of a transparent sealer.   Between coats, I painted the inside panels of the balcony white, then rolled a medium to light blue and then a lighter blue over that.

The little built-in bench looked quite anemic beneath the colorful moon window, so i painted the back a pastel orange and the seat area in light blue/green colors.    As the afternoon progressed, I added more depth and movement with strokes of color.

P1930190 riverhouse balcon

The sides looked forlorn and forgotten, so with very loose and spontaneous strokes, I added the blues and greens to each side.

P1930187 riverhouse balcon hammock

I went downstairs to the bodega/magic carpet room, and since the magic carpet was grounded because of power (batteries dead!) problems, I applied a much-needed application of varnish to the compass and surrounding tiles.  After cleaning the brush, I then prepped the next section of the bodega floor and retreated upstairs.

P1930202 compass acrylic on concrete

Waiting upstairs was the makeover challenge on an old discarded headboard from a friend’s house.  The damaged areas (from insects) had been treated with insecticide and then filled with wood putty and then the entire piece prepped with ‘Agua Stop.”  New colors an fabric from an old hammock brought it back to life!   It was in dire need of some creative grafting, and with hammer, nails and a saw, I converted it into a bench!

P1930204 old headboard

Noting approaching darkness, I cut more flowers for the growing collection for the flower drop!

P1930207 Rain triggers malinche blossoms!

Rain triggers malinche blossoms!

The downstairs floor received another coat of paint, and I prepped a few more items before cleaning the brushes.

As I put away my supplies, I noted the sound of sprinkles on the roof;  half an hour later, the wind increased from the north, the skies parted and 1.5 inches of rain fell in a few hours!

Remember that post from last year, "Manana Means Not Today"?  - The carpenter never returned to fix thi problem!

Remember that post from last year, “Manana Means Not Today”? – The carpenter never returned to fix this problem!

The window seat received a baptism, and hopefully the skies have purged.