“…The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! – Wait… No, that’s not the sky; there’s a rainbow of delicate colors fluttering to the ground!… (Gasp!) I never knew that the sky could rain flowers!   It must be magic!” –(Unidentified policeman in Iceland)



The magic carpet prepares for takeoff! Join me on this Round-the-World Flower-Drop Mission for all who are enduring extreme temperatures and craving a dose of the tropics!


Wave a yellow flag, and happy flowers will fall from the sky; wear yellow attire, and we’ll swoop down so that you can join us!

ZP1750588 hibiscus saritas house

Meteorologists predict a rare shower of flowers tonight! Prepare for the flower drop!

Climb aboard and hang on tight while Z and the centenarian Galapagos turtle pilot the Magic Carpet! Prepare for a rainbow of cascading flowers while rocking to the sound of Sade’s Paradise!

Get ready; hold on tight!

Get ready for takeoff and hold on tight!

ARE YOU READY FOR TAKEOFF?!!!  Quoting the last post,…that magic carpet is bucking and rearing and ready to burst through those bodega doors!”

(Trivia: At seven this morning, Youtube predicted, “Uploading your video. 175947 minutes remaining.” – after three hours and only one percent uploaded, I finished this task in town, and it still took hours!)

(Thanks, Silvana, for my very own personal office space in your family’s restaurant!)