P1930136 el matal

El Matal/Manabi/Ecuador

Yesterday I was unable to pull up a “new post’ page that would work, and today finds me on a bus as I travel to Guayaquil.    When I agreed to help friends with a coastal tour, Mother Nature had not rolled those destructive high tides of the new year.   Her second batch will assault my friends’ properties – perhaps even now as I type.  I wish I could be there watching the ocean and challenging her to a stalemate.

Patricia Farmer just posted an excellent update that graphically illustrates the loss of sand over the years, and the heart-wrenching photos recently taken.     Please share her post, help call attention to what’s happening, and help us flush out some authorities who can advise what options are best and which ones might backfire.

Will this woman's home survive this week's high tides?

El Matal Ecuador – Will this woman’s home survive this week’s high tides?

My trip back up the coast will give scouting opportunities to see how the ocean is affecting other areas of the Pacific coast.

What can we do about this?   Please read Patricia’s post HERE and help us find answers PRONTO!