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El Matal Ecuador
Canton: Jama
Province: Manabi
02-February – 2014

Late afternoon - Feb 02, 2014 - El Matal Ecuador - Homeowner photo

Late afternoon – Feb 02, 2014 – El Matal Ecuador – Homeowner photo – (Hold that thought…)

On Saturday, I sent queries (about the destructive high tides) to people living in the coastal area near my home on the river.   Lesli, a homeowner at Coco Beach Village at El Matal, wrote late Saturday night with a two-word message.  “It’s devastating.”

Coco Beach Village/El Matal Ecuador

Coco Beach Village/El Matal Ecuador

Between waves -

Between waves –  Screen shot from videos

Her next email shared photos and videos and said that friends were helping feed an all-night crew of seven.   I’ve heard from no one else; their hands are surely full trying to stay positive, strong and smart as the ocean assaults their community.

IMG_0743 coco beach village3

As many of you prepare for a festive day of Superbowl Madness, please pause with empathy for those who are struggling against these destructive tides.

IMG_0743 coco beach village

IMG_0741 leslie el matal

These photos and videos triggered a memory from a fishing expedition at Rio Colorado Lodge in Costa Rica. Weary of fighting a tarpon, I leaned against the side of the boat for a bit of muscle relief. Dan counseled, “Lisa. You rest; the fish rests.”

The people of El Matal (and most likely many other coastal areas) surely feel the same way. How can they sleep when the tides stick to their natural rhythms? Another assault nears as the sunrise approaches.

screen shot from video

screen shot from video  – only seven photos/short videos from the image at the top of this post.

Thanks, Leslie, for taking the time to send these photos and videos.  You are surely exhausted.   Z