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P1950981  IRIS Y GALS

Anyone who knows Jama will surely smile at this photo! (More below)

Jama Ecuador

Losing a friend sometimes reminds us to embrace those that are still with us.   This past week’s blog feedback regarding my friend’s death touched my heart, and your observations abut Jama’s Lovely Women filled that same heart with joy. Thank you; I am blessed.   I hope to acknowledge your comments by the end of the week.

Internet options at my house remain poor, so I am only online when in town – usually in short doses while having lunch or dinner at Restaurant Exclusivo. (Thanks again, Sivana!)

Silvana wears many hats!  She touched many of us when she acknowledged the cluster of extranerjos that participated in the Wear White for Peace March. (2013)

Silvana wears many hats! Our appreciation for her tripled when she acknowledged the cluster of extranjeros that participated in the Wear White for Peace March. (2013)


Silvana and her father have visited El Matal to show support and concern for the vanishing beach.

Silvana and her father have visited El Matal to show support and concern for the vanishing beach.

And she can paint!

And she can paint!

Silvana, btw, is preparing for another internship/cultural immersion in the USA; she leaves on April 1st and will be there about six months. She will surely share those details with everyone soon.

Are you ready to meet more fabulous women of Jama?

P1960111 shrimp harvest smiles

Harvesting a shrimp pond requires teamwork and a lot of manual labor.  Punctuating the cluster of hard-working men stands one very serene woman. Yolanda helps prepare for the harvest and oversees from tank to truck.

P1680732 shrimp harvest smiles at big tanks

(See Straight from the Pond HERE for the steps of harvest)

01DDD P1700277 OFF WORK - Copy

When in town, she often sellls plaintains and citrus fruits from the farm!

01D P1960113 big smile sonrisa

Ten minutes up the highway from Jama is Hostal Punta Prieta. When occupancy is low, Alonzo and Marlene sometimes allow others to bask in the beauty of their gardens and restaurant.

P1690111 punta prieta lets eat

Shrimp, anyone?

Shrimp, anyone?

How can I not include the lovely Marlene in this post?

Marlene Pro

Marlene — Profile

Look what I found at the corner store!

Iris! Look what I found in your store!

Anyone who spends time in Jama will know and love our dear Iris, who presides over the bustling corner by the park. Some days I scan the mass of people crowded around the store, and I smile, “Later….”

There's always a sideshow!

There’s always a sideshow!

Other times the wait is worth the never-ending show!

Iris always encourages her friends to “Come inside!”  We select the items we need and wait our turn as she adds the numbers on a scrap of paper while jugging several other tasks at the same time!

P1950986 IRIS Y GALS

A walk through town always provides glimpses of the tranquil lifestyle of Jama. This week I plan to show these “Lovely Women” posts and your comments to the ladies in Jama. Their smiles will surely prompt more impromptu photo sessions!

05 P1750053 restaurant cat
P1730591 happy flowers - Copy
07 P1590430 jama gaby smiles
P1700297 ICE LADY - Copy

P1730414 dady art corner fraternityZ - Copy

Dear sweet, kind Dady always has time for others!

P1470903 dade
…and she cleans up well!…

Sculptor Ivo Uquillos mentors our mutual and very-talented friend, Dady/Lettie Quadrado.

Sculptor Ivo Uquillos (Museo Portoviejo – Retrospective Exhibition) mentors our mutual and very-talented friend, Dady/Lettie Quadrado.

Dady’s mother and sisters are equally beautiful and kind. Pictured below is her mother, who is always saying, “You’re too thin.  Sit.  Eat.”

P1730661 family post SMILE - Copy

(We have an ongoing custom; she scowls at me, and I give her a grand public greeting. We chuckle, then I go my way, and she goes hers!)

P1730676 family post red profile - Copy

P1730913 smiles JAMA - Copy

P1950563 ROSA - Copy

Lovely Rosa/Rossy holds court on the other side of the park!

The final image shows a slightly-different view from the earlier behind-the-scenes view of Restaurant Exclusivo. There’s one sister who is now facing the camera!
P1960265 silvana y family

I look forward to showing these posts to these amazing women!  Thanks again, everyone, for your kind comments and support! Z