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P1500457 happy horns

A few of my WordPress friends will relate to the following message that often appears at the top of an “Add New Post’ page:  “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.” 

Slow connections can test the patience of Job!   Sometimes the above message remains on the screen for hours as images upload or backfire with snitty red Error messages.  Last night’s “pink”  images took three hours to upload, and I worked on Thursday’s Timeout for Art in another window while battling with the uploads.     Emails loaded slowly, comment and like options failed to load.  Notification stars blinked in the upper right corner, yet the drop-down box revealed a white field.

Although I had typed several hundred words, the Timeout for Art/Save material was still idling with a 31 word count from hours before!

This beauty parades through Jama (Ecuador)

The headlights work; I wonder if the clutch and brakes are dependable!   Slow internet is like an ancient vehicle!

Comments in moderation arrive in the inbox, and the final jump to approval rolls to a dead end!   Other comments that I attempt to answer often swirl for a minute or two before either leaping to the proper place, or they vanish – poof! – or I can sometimes hit the ‘back’ button and return to my comment, let the page load again, then send it a second, third,fourth, and hopefully it reaches its destination!

Today as I watch my comments swirl in neutral space before they sail into a dead zone, I reflect on the time spent trying to move forward.  It’s like having a road-weary vehicle that’s lost its transmission fluid or gets stuck in neutral!   The blank screen reminds me of the odometer stuck on zero!  Instead of raising the hood and searching for solutions, I place the USB modem in a stainless steel bowl or metal colander, and the speed usually doubles…  juggling that with an external keyboard while trying to keep the homing device on the cell tower is a balancing act,  but it’s still too slow in daylight hours.

Wonder what kind of engine's under the hood?!

Wonder what kind of engine’s under the hood?

Just now I scrolled down to check the word count, which remains stuck at 31!   I have an option of copying this to a word document, emailing it to myself, or copying the text before saving it via WP.  Since it’s not in the WP memory bank yet, it would most likely vanish if I selected ‘Save Draft.”  Sometimes I can right click ‘Preview” then edit the preview and update the draft!   Surely all of these hurdles exercise the problem-solving area of the brain!

Debbie of Retired/Rewired in Nicaragua shares my pain, and she cleverly uses a cooking wok to strengthen her internet signal!     When all else fails, I save the new-post images to a file, write the post in word, then go to town and use a cybercafe or restaurant with wifi!  How many of you experience slow-internet problems, and have you found ways to improve your signal?

One day this clunky internet will be replaced by a sleek sporty model, and I’ll be racing through posts I’ve missed while rejoicing in the wonders of fast-loading pages and comment buttons that work!  Those of you who have fast internet, close your eyes for several minutes and imagine that you’re waiting for a comment to be posted!

P1500461 red horns

Does this truck make you smile?!!!!  Sometimes we need to slow down and embrace a slower lifestyle!  

A painting is patiently waiting my attention downstairs, and hopefully the final/finished images  will be uploaded before the Timeout for Art post is published later this week!  See you then!  Z