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RAMON PAINTS P1970078 URBAN photos shoes bamboo ladder

Jama Ecuador (Manabi Province)
Only one street back from the center of town, Hostal Ciragan provides a quiet respite – unless there’s an all-night fiesta nearby!
RAMON PAINTS P1970070 HOSTAL CIRAGAN  bamboo ladder urban art yellow alamanda

Mid-morning on Saturday, I walked down the quiet street near Ciragan and pondered my good fortune to have my health, happiness, and many talents to keep me happy; I also felt lucky to have a large support system of people who care about me. I noted wild tobacco in bloom near the sidewalk, and then I noted always-smiling Ramon painting the sign to the hostal!

RAMON PAINTS P1970072 HOSTAL CIRAGAN urban art bamboo ladder hands

RAMON PAINTS P1970078 HOstal ciragan alamanda

RAMON PAINTS P1970079 hostal ciragan street scene bamboo ladder urban art

I remembered the WordPress Street Life Challenge and enjoyed photographing my friend while documenting the the unhurried pace of the quiet street!  The bright-yellow alamanda provided a touch of eye candy for flower lovers like me!

RAMON PAINTS P1970080 bamboo ladder alamanda ciragan street scene

A quiet scene like this definitely makes one feel relaxed and unhurried! Does this help explain why my blood pressure is 110 over 65/70 and my pulse around 50?!