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Detail: Magnificent Frigates - Acrylic

Detail: Magnificent Frigates – Acrylic

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein

This week finds me working on a nine-foot wide painting to be used as a mural on a restaurant wall.  The owner showed me several photos of picturesque palm-lined beaches with tropical water in the background.  I suggested that we dress up the view of the local landscape which is equally as beautiful as the images he provided.  (A week later I questioned my decision, as the seascape required accuracy — or risk every “local” pointing out the mistakes!)

Because paint often peels from concrete here in Ecuador, I persuaded the owner to consider a different approach to the mural.  Painting on the back side of vinyl upholstery material works better than cotton canvas.  (Cotton rots in humid tropical climates!)   The canvas-like material is prepped with several coats of an acrylic sealer, then it’s ready to be painted!

The Wall Awaits!

The restaurant overlooks the (vanishing) beach.

P1970153 el matal end of march 2014

This painting represents the landmark of Punta Ballena at El Matal Ecuador, although I added palm trees to frame the view.   I now know the nuances of Punta Ballena much better than before I started this painting!

Working with the prepped vinyl flat on the floor, I floated in areas of sky and water and let the washes dry before proceeding.  Using several reference photos, I focused on Punta Ballena and painted for hours and hours; I worked until 11 at night!  The trees came next, then the palm leaves and frigates.  Several of the frigates need a little more attention, as does the water.  I’d like to fine tune the waves in the foreground.

Here’s a slightly larger view of the frigates and Punta Ballena.

Detail - Punta Ballena - Acrylic -

Detail – Punta Ballena – Acrylic –

Photographing the 9-foot wide mural has been difficult! Short of cutting a hole in the upstairs floor, I will wait to photograph the entire painting when we install it in the restaurant!

The painting should be finished and in its new home by the weekend!