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Do you remember these posts?

Do you remember these posts?

Krista asks on the WordPress Photo Challenge, “This week, share a photo of something that says “twist” to you. It might be that perfect ice cream cone, a yummy bit of liquorice, or something unexpected that surprised, shocked, or startled you.”

My sister Kate once stated, “Lisa, you never cease to shock me.”    She was totally surprised by a package that a “complete stranger” hand delivered to their pharmacy in Monticello Arkansas – straight from Costa Rica, where I lived at that time!  It was fun to send her a care package that was hand delivered by a just-met person from her town!

Payback usually rolls around, and Life continues to sprinkle unexpected tokens into my life; some of them  have been good, and a few recent ones have been a bit shocking.

One of Luchy's well-designed posts and his lovely assistant!

One of Luchy’s well-designed posts and his lovely assistant!

Many of you remember the story about the post-painting competition and watched the infectious enthusiasm spread through the community. Those original ‘first’ posts, replaced by taller posts,  now gather dust in the electric company’s old-light post purgatory.   (After stewing and incubating, I have a plan!)

Luchy's post is in pretty good condition, but it needs a retirement home!

Luchy’s post is in pretty good condition, but it needs a retirement home!

(I have a plan for the new posts, but the old ones might need a larger rescue squad.)

Living on Ecuador’s Pacific coast, I continue to ask the older generation about El Nino years.   They reply that the coastal and farming areas suffer from El Nino flooding.   One person said that he thought the 1982-1983 El Nino was much worse than the 1997/98.

Silvana’s nostalgic post turns back the pages of time and we peer at El Nino through the eyes of a young girl in Manabi Ecuador.  Enjoy her post HERE and understand why I am watching that Kelvin Wave so closely!

Silvana and her lovely family just before she left for Minnesota...

Silvana and her lovely family just before she left for Minnesota…

Kelvin Wave?  If you’re not sure what the Kelvin Wave is, visit Robert Scribbler’s blog.   His most recent update on the percolating Kelvin Wave and ocean temperatures backs his stats with easy-to-grasp maps and charts.   “El Nino Continues to Tighten Grip on Pacific”  Read more HERE. 

The Yasuni was in the news again on Thursday;  how can a country that granted rights to nature show such disrespect for a unique, diverse and pristine slice of the vanishing Amazon?  This topic continues to surprise, confuse and baffle me; once tainted, these areas of the Yusani will be forever wounded.    From Time:  “Ecuador’s government has issued an environmental permit for oil drilling in the pristine Amazon reserve.”   What are we doing to our planet?

The dominoes are about to fall.  http://time.com/110124/ecuador-issues-permit-to-drill-in-amazon-reserve/

Ecuador to begin Oil Drilling

Tree Fern / Near Mindo Ecuador

Tree Fern / Near Mindo Ecuador

Last month after the Earth Hour event, I checked for updates or posts that might show images of the procession of lights going off and then on again… I was shocked when I read many negative comments about Earth Hour.  Many people professed, “I’m going to turn on every light in the house and every appliance,’ etc.   Those comments made me wonder, “Why are people so angry?”

It’s easy to find those comments – just search for Earth Day turn on all the lights

Some people shrug or scowl at ‘tree huggers,’ but what if we tweak the spotlight to human suffering?  How can one not be affected by stories like these, thanks to Otto Muncho for calling attention to Øystein Mikalsen’s posts:


and Faces

Bente’s post Farewell to the Cross has baffled me as well.  No matter what your religion, you will most likely be equally baffled by the story he shares.   I wondered if the companies are asking employees not to wear the cross in order to keep them and the company from being a target.    Perhaps they are not presenting an anti-Christian stance, but fear being targeted “guilty by association.”  Please take time to read Farewell to the Cross.

And I was looking for a studio!

And I was looking for a studio!

Not all unexpected twists are negative;  this post by Terri and Jamaes at Gallivance –  Lisa’s Labor of Love – shows how the unique world of blogging sometimes can come full circle.

It’s come full circle again this week; I just returned from a fast visit with Debbie and Ron of Retired and Rewired in Nicaragua!  They’re enjoying the finale of their month-long visit in the quiet city of Bahia de Caraquez!  With limited internet options, Gypsytoes Debbie will most likely wait until she’s back in Nicaragua before she can manage her photos and share stores of their travels through Ecuador.

Thanks for hanging with me if you made it this far!  I’m typing from a sunny table at Restaurant Exclusivo here in Jama, and I’m about to head home to the river.  The birds will be waiting for sunset finale to the day!

Sunset Rio Jama

Sunset Rio Jam