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“The difference in men does not lie in the size of their hands, nor in the perfection of their bodies, but in this one sublime ability of concentration: to throw the weight in one blow, to live eternity in an hour.” – Elbert Hubbard

bahia P1550133 museo
I had the honor of ‘bunking’ with the ancient artifacts at Museo de Bahia de Caraquez during the Mola Series Exhibition in 2012! The guards, surprised that I was thrilled to be staying there, told a few ghost stories and said that I was very brave!

P1530919 museo bahia de caraquez

After hours, the museum was deliciously quiet, and while reviewing photos in my room, I painted a watercolor of one of the artifacts.




P1530885 museu bahia et
The next morning when the museum opened, I compared my painting to the artifact and discovered that the colors in my painting were too warm. Drats! (I still love the watercolor!)

"ET" - Watercolor - Working from life/Museo Bahia de Caraquez/Ecuador

“ET” – Watercolor – Working from life/Museo Bahia de Caraquez/Ecuador

During museum hours I often retrieved a chair and worked while viewing the artifacts. Whenever I focused on details and studied a particular piece, the outside world seemed to vanish. Balancing paper and paints on my lap, I appreciated the beauty and brilliance of the long-ago cultures.

P1030130 bahia

Sometimes I would look up to see others peering over my shoulder! It was as if I had traveled back in time and had to swim back to the present! Like awakening from a deep sleep, I adjusted and talked with the visitors until they moved to the next display. I easily weaned back into painting mode and returned to pre-Columbian times.

P1030133 bahia

As with any sport or hobby, one learns to ignore distractions, but it takes patience and time – a lot of time to develop this gift.  In perfecting that gift, we progress from novice to professional.

Mary and John McDonald gleaned a jackpot of results when they paired their labor of love with their fine art of concentration.  They worked for months on original art for their loved ones in the USA.   Be prepared for another pairing – photos of the proud recipients with their paintings:  GRANDKIDS WITH PAINTINGS –  Join me in congratulating them on a job well done!

(They’ve earned a Timeout from Timeout for Art!)