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(See the model for this character in the next photo!)

Many savage nations worship trees, and I really think my first feeling would be one of delight and interest rather than of surprise, if some day when I am alone in the woods one of the trees were to speak to me. (John Lubbock)
When traveling through Ecuador’s Manabi Province by bus, I sometimes make lightning-fast sketches of the unique ceibo trees. With only a few seconds to observe and capture the essence of individual trees, I scribble details and thoughts until the next sketch-worthy tree captures my attention.

P1110875 ceibo w tongue2 P1110875 ceibo w tongue5EYES

Some of those trees seem to be waltzing across the landscape, and others wear scowls or humorous expressions. I’ve noted trees with amputated limbs or with bellies hacked open (for honey?) while others are burned or felled for farmland. Peer over my shoulder to see a few typical pages of hurried sketches of these areas.


This post was inspired by Mary of Oil Pastels by Mary, who switches from pastels to pencil for half an hour each week for Timeout for Art. Quite disciplined, she’s nudged herself into a personal 15-day ‘Tree-Painting Challenge.’ Check out her stunning work here: OIL PASTELS BY MARY

Our other Mary-the-Artist (in San Clemente Ecuador) shares a very happy work table in progress in her Timeout for Art this week. Mary, I love love LOVE your designs! Visit Mary’s evolving studio space here:MARY’S TIMEOUT FOR ART

Do you have some old paint brushes that are ready for the trash bin? If not, you’ll want to put a few into early retirement if they could be as precious as the ones Karen (Karensamenow) showcased here: TIMEOUT FOR ART 7 .

Everyone has the capacity for creating unique works of art. Look at trees or clouds or even paint brushes, tap into your imagination, then smile and have fun!

02 ceibo  Lisas fav 1 02 ceibo Lisas fav 2

(I’ve been offline most of this week but should be online again tonight!) More soon Z!