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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This week’s WordPress Challenge is ‘Between.”

My mind immediately dashed on many thought tangents as I pondered ideas that represent ‘Between.”     The above art project (in progress) keeps getting stalled due to rain showers, so climb aboard and step into a mosaic-filled world!

Some of my mosaic paintings trick the eye, and people touch the artwork to confirm that it’s paint and not tile.

Painted mosaic for Sarah Dettman

Painted mosaic for Sarah Dettman

I’ve chuckled and said that it probably takes longer to paint a mosaic than it would to set each tile.

This past week, I’ve had the opportunity to test that theory!  Between rain showers, my friends and I have been working on a mosaic-tile design for their soaking tub. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We are enjoying the challenge, but the rains keep disrupting our progress!

We weren't prepared for  the afternoon showers!

We weren’t prepared for the afternoon showers!

Between showers, we uncover the design and resume placing and cementing the free-flowing patterns. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Would anyone care to guess what will be featured on Thursday’s Timeout for Artj?

The rain clouds are lifting, and it’s time to get back to work!

See you on Thursday! Z