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Go ahead; pick one up and have fun!

Go ahead; pick up a pencil and have fun!

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Kurt Vonnegut

The ritual of sharpening pencils preps me with anticipation for drawing. Those of you who feel as if the talent fairy passed over you – stop long enough to sharpen a pencil and practice for half an hour per week, and most likely you will spend much more time in communication with your pencil and paper!  An extra benefit is blocking out distractions and getting in touch with your true self!

Lapiz - Pencil Punta- Point

Shading the background made the bamboo come forward (Lapiz – Pencil Punta- Point

Choose a forgiving subject and sketch the main areas, make very light notations for dark and medium shading, and be very careful around those light areas! Let the bare paper represent the lightest lights. For those of you who are celebrating holidays, try sketching an ear of corn or a wad of firecrackers, then shade the negative space that surrounds them! (Are firecrackers still allowed in the USA?)

P7030582 ceibo pencil

The absence of erasers (while drawing) disciplines me to be careful and to think ahead, and the drawing stays fresh. I also use a second sheet of paper to cover my work. If there’s no available sheet around, I’ll use a paper napkin or a thin board – anything to avoid smudges!   Students often spend as much time erasing as they do drawing; learning to sketch without the crutch of an eraser will reward you with drawings that are not overworked.

Someone requested a pencil drawing of a ceibo tree, so i'm having fun with a series of small drawings!

Someone requested a pencil drawing of a ceibo tree, so i’m having fun with a series of small drawings!

Pencil drawing allows you to stop at any time and resume later. Little by little, the sketch evolves into a stronger work of art. Trees are my favorite subject to sketch, and after working from life, I can complete the drawing days or weeks or months or even years later! Many times my preliminary sketch is filled with notations so that I remember where the lights, darks and middle values are located.

Um, this one is still waiting for my attention!

Um, this one is still waiting for my attention!

Travel sometimes exhausts me, and my energy levels are still on the low side this week as I recover from the return flights and bus rides between Costa Rica and home on the river here in Ecuador.   (The internet connection is tired as well, and we’ve been arguing.  It prefers to sleep in the daytime and is just now beginning to awaken as I am preparing to go to sleep! I’ve been unable to open several of the Timeout for Art posts – perdon!)

Between watering thirsty plants in the garden and unpacking, I’ve enjoyed watching the river and the birds while avoiding the paintbrush.  I do not paint well when I am tired.

P7030571 frigates P7030561 frigates

Today after the line drawings of the ceibos were finished, I spent another half hour blocking in the darkest areas on my favorite of the three sketches. Tomorrow I will travel the short distance to the beach and fine tune the drawing while I wait to greet a new tour group!

P7030583 ceibo pencil

The pencil travels well and makes a great companion while I am waiting in lines, traveling through the countryside or sitting at a rustic table in an idyllic setting. Join me in sketching random images this holiday weekend, and let’s compare stories in a week!


Happy Fourth of July, everyone! This male frigate puffed out his red gular sac just for you!