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A Toast to Good Health! (Can you see the sun through the stem of this glass?!)

Anyone who has hopped from doctor to doctor in search of a diagnosis and cure will agree that one needs to find out what triggered the symptoms.  The best treatment whacks at the root of the illness instead of throwing darts at possible reasons, masking the symptoms with temporary solutions and hoping to reclaim your wellness. If your body is retaining fluid, would you rather take a pill to flush your system or try to figure out what’s making you retain that fluid?

Paying attention to diet and the chemicals we put into our bodies might help pinpoint possible triggers.  Sometimes those triggers are obvious.

Check That Hot Sauce Label for MSG

Check That Hot Sauce Label for MSG

For over thirty years, I’ve dodged MSG (monosodium glutamate) which almost immediately makes my fingers and feet swell.  Sometimes if I unknowingly ingest a double dose, my heart starts beating faster, I break out in a sweat and feel weak.   If I consume an overload of MSG, my symptoms are similar to being drugged, and I cannot think well.  Once several days passed before I emerged from the fog of an accidental MSG “overdose.”

Figuring out my sensitivity to aspartame took longer, although losing one’s vision and then getting it back will get anyone’s attention!  Several of these MSG and Aspartame stories are here: G for GALLO, GARZA, GARROBO, GAFAS AND – GASP – GLUTAMOTO MONOSODICO.

MSG and Aspartame

Beware!  MSG and Aspartame

This past week during the Ecuador Expat Journey tour, I told this red-wine story to a new friend:

  “…About four years ago after experiencing MSG sensitivity two different times after drinking red wine, I conducted a random online search: “RED WINE, MSG.”  
…I was not expecting to find links to stories that linked red wine and MSG with a product called AuxiGro, but they were there staring me in the face!  Yes, AuxiGro contains “Glutamic acid” and was used on many food crops in the USA and throughout the world!  The product not only helped crops mature at the same time, but it also enhanced the sweetness of grapes!  
I was stunned…”

From 1999, an article titled “Auxein Corp. Receives California OK For Grape ‘Metabolic Primer’ That Boosts Sugar Content states: “In trials at six different California vineyards, two applications of AuxiGro, one at full bloom and one when ripening begins, increased the sugar content of the grapes by an average of 14 percent. AuxiGro treated grapes also reached harvestable sugar levels sooner than untreated grapes.  “

Many other articles tell the history and even share field-test data!



Colorful, Healthy and Delicious

Colorful, Healthy and Delicious – But what’s the history of this produce?

When I returned home this week after the tour, I looked for current information about AuxiGro and found more information.

“Do you know where your seeds come from?”)-(a very interesting read at Dave’s Garden forum)

I Dig My Garden posted in 2009,”The sordid story of Auxigro, MSG and the EPA

The Health Ranger reports: MSG Now Used to Spray Crops.

There was more at getwellhealth.com/auxigro-msg-sprayed-on-food-mcs-multiple-chemical-sensitivity-and-more/

I contacted http://www.truthinlabeling.org via their web email prompt and stated, “I would like to write about this (AuxiGro) on my blog, but I need current info!  It would be lovely to know that AuxiGro no longer taints the food chain, and if so, that would make a lovely story as well!”

Adrienne Samuels answered my reply almost immediately:  

Some years ago, AuxiGro registration was not renewed by the EPA, because — I was led to believe — there was no application for renewal. That may have changed. At about the same time, AuxiGro began to be distributed widely in Europe and elsewhere, for use on many commodities including wine grapes. The company (or one of the companies) that have distribution rights is InterChem. Likely if you have reactions to AuxiGro treated wine, you won’t be able to drink much Spanish wine produced after 2004 or so or much French wine produced after 2008 or so. My dates are not exact.

It’s easy to call the EPA registration people, contact the specialist who handles AuxiGro, and ask questions. You could probably find the name and contact (maybe e-mail) of the right person to call on the Internet.”  

In a follow-up email, Adrienne pointed me to this TedTalk link.  I hope that all of you will take the time to watch it.

In 2011, an inflamed shoulder brought my painting to a screeching and very painful stop!   I refrained from painting for one month after being treated by conventional medicine and physical therapy to heal the bursitis in my painting shoulder.

Zeebra Designs & Destinatinos brush holder

Not wanting to re-injure my shoulder, I slowly weaned back to painting one month later when I was free from pain. Preparing for a museum exhibition, I was pleased to move forward with new work.  I painted for only one hour, and the shoulder felt great!

On the second day, I painted for one more hour, and my shoulder began to sting. I was concerned about my painting future!

I visited Doctor Sheel Tangri in Samara Costa Rica and hoped that he could fix my injured shoulder;  more importantly I wanted to know why this mystery pain had appeared out of ‘nowhere.’

He realigned a tendon (?) from an old injury on my shoulder, found some old scar tissue near my wrist, gave my body a quick adjustment, and said that all should be fine. He showed me how to knead the old scar tissue to keep it from causing problems later.

“When can I resume painting?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Whenever you’d like.  You’re cured unless you re-injure yourself again.”

the paintings' color

The Mola Series – Paintings ready for exhibition!

I remain amazed, and many of you have witnessed the vast amount of painting I have done in the past three years.   My shoulder remains strong and well!

Listen to KA Sundance’s interview with Doc Tangri:

Doc Tangri is a brilliant healer, and if you’re having trouble finding wellness, consider contacting him. Dr. Sheel Tangri – Kinesiologist/testimonials –  I am blessed to know him.

Applying magic to the fibers of the carpet!

Applying magic to the fibers of the carpet!

(Thanks again, Doc!)  Z