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Small acrylic exercise in color (detail)


“…If the stories are true, van Gogh would seek out cafes at night to paint, wearing his candlelit straw hat beside other customers. (The Huffington Post- By Todd Van Luling)


After ten days of using flashlights and candles to read – and sometimes to finish a painting session, I am pleased to announce that power has been restored at Casa Loca! I inquired (complained?) last Friday, and again this past Tuesday, and again today. Today the owner of the shrimp farm was with me, and for some reason Xavier’s presence made a difference! Two men drove to the house within half an hour, and  ten minutes later, the power problem had been found and repaired!

In progress - Mosaic Mirror

In progress – Mosaic Mirror

Four or five projects are in progress, and the one requiring the most attention and detail is the border for a mirror.   The work is more like drawing than painting, yet the exactness of the edges requires strong focus.

While the layers of paint dry on the mosaic,  I’ve enjoyed painting a few more spoon rests.  These are much easier and provide a good balance from the exactness of hte mosaics.

Spoon rests and old board once used for hand-washing clothes.

Spoon rests and old board once used for hand-washing clothes.


I am in town to upload these images and will rejoice when I return home that I will not have to place candles on my sombrero in order to paint tonight!

Until next week,