Chris Cardman - Lead Guitarist - County Line Road - 2013

Chris Cardman – Lead Guitarist – County Line Road – 2013

Over a year ago I wrote about my friend Chris Cardman, a former neighbor in Costa Rica.  Chris and I faced many challenges while living in a remote area of the Nicoya Penisula.  (Playa San Miguel)   He sometimes came to my house to brainstorm a particular problem, or I often stormed into the restaurant/bar that he managed, and I would wait until all got quiet to discuss a particularly challenging day.   Some days the sound of the guitar coaxed me from my project, and I followed the pied piper’s acoustic sound and shattered Chris’s quiet respite.

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Classic Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Classic Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Many days and nights were busy at the Blue Pelican, and I usually dodged the crowds and waited to visit when the beach was quiet.  When the customers left for the evening, Chris often retrieved the guitar from the wall and played music, shared some original tunes, or we listened to our favorite tunes and ‘talked music.’   He sometimes said if all else failed in his life, he knew he’d be happy strumming the guitar.

A gift from his mother...

A gift from his mother…

No longer living in Costa Rica, Chris works full time as lead (electric) guitar player for the Southern-Country/Rock band County Line Road.    With the undependable internet, I have not kept a close watch on them, though I knew they were getting better, stronger and had growing support from the fans.   They recorded their first CD, and he was kind enough to mail a copy to my niece Karen, who happily presented it to me.    I am so proud when I listen to the songs and hear him cut loose on his guitar.  He shares the spotlight with an amazing group of talented artists, and yesterday’s peek at their Southern Country/Rock stats gave me a grand smile!

Number 2:

Number 1:

If your holiday playlist needs an injection of energy, listen to their music and pay particular attention to Chris’s runaway licks and riffs!  If you’re on facebook, give them a thumbs up and tell them that Z sent you!

REVERBNATION – County Line Road Songs 

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 Happy Holidays, everyone!