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Hmmm; what do we have staring back at us?

Hmmm; what do we have staring back at us?

As I look back upon my life, I see that every part of it was a preparation for the next. The most trivial of incidents fits into the larger pattern like a mosaic in a preconceived design.
Margaret Sanger

Last week during the 10-day power outage, I worked on several different projects.    The mosaic border demanded many more hours’ attention than I had planned, but the end result might fool most people who view it from six or eight feet.     Here is how it looked last week:

In progress - Mosaic Mirror

In progress – Mosaic Mirror

After about four layers of paint on each piece of the mosaic, much of the grout area was painted a second time.   Thick and a bit-sloppy paint gave the illusion of true grout.  When that dried, the edges were strengthened with straight, confident strokes and highlights were added along the top edges.



This small mirror took at least 20 hours to paint!   It might have been faster to break real tiles and set them in place and grout them!  (See Having Fun While Working.)

Earth to Lisa:  Do you know that it's raining?

Earth to Lisa: Do you know that it’s raining?

But I can FIX the hammer!

But I can FIX the hammer!

I am grateful for the experience of setting and grouting (and cleaning!) the tiles;  the paintings are more believable than ones from earlier years.

After learning how to work with real mosaics, I learned that the grout often sticks where it’s not wanted – no matter how many times one wipes those areas clean! When I open the next tube of white silicone to weatherproof a few areas of Casa Loca, I will add the final edge around the mirror and will most likely dab a few of the painted areas.

Several other projects are waiting my attention.  One is a three-legged chair that was rescued from the trash truck.  It and two other chairs looked quite forlorn on the street, but they are much happier now.  But that’s for the next Timeout for Art!

PC150037 chair hospital

The black chair has three legs; the oaks were in fair shape; they just needed to visit the unwanted furniture ER clinic!

PC160088 chair hospitalWith the end of the year approaching, Jama’s very talented Rycardo Alcivar is creating another masterpiece from bamboo and palm thatch!   (See Dec. 2013 Iguana details.)  Next week will update the progress on his creation as well.

Rycardo is creating from bamboo again!

Rycardo is creating from bamboo again!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone, and save your gift-wrapping paper to build an end-of-the-year effigy! Next week’s Timeout post will be a busy one!