"I've looked up, down, and all around and still cannot find ----"

“I’ve looked up, down, and all around and still cannot find —-“

Many of us are creatures of comfort, and we like “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Sometimes our brains need little hurdles that test our abilities to ace unexpected road blocks.

However; why is it that many times things are fixed that are not broken?!

I am trying to adapt to the Windows 8 changes, but I’m not very impressed with the unnecessary steps I sometimes have to take to find something’s that’s out of sight. I join many people in a collective disgust with the continued changes over at Yahoo. This post is about WordPress glitches, so bail out now if you’re not experiencing any!



I tolerate the one-column scroll-down WordPress stats changes by selecting the ‘Old Stats’ option at the bottom of the page, but the new drop-down notification changes (upper right corner) are very frustrating. The ‘scroll-down’ function doesn’t work, so unless I am online to see the light bulb notification when a comment arrives, it’s hard to know it’s there without going to the original post. This is especially frustrating when I have commented on another’s post and am anticipating a reply and am offline for days and days and days.


Yes, this has ruffled my internet-challenged feathers!

The left-side dashboard comment option isn’t very efficient and doesn’t show comments and replies made on other bloggers’ posts.

Is it just me, or are these changes affecting other WordPress bloggers in a negative way?  (I know its not just me;  scan these comments, and join us if you want the old options to return! http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/notifications-improved/   )

Thanks for your feedback, but I will be offline until I return to town.  Hopefully there won’t be many hurdles between your comment and my ability to find it!  Z