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P1230013 solomons knot plywood rio jama

One of nine panels, this 2′ x 4′ section will be part of the border. (Acrylic on plywood)

Hola Sports Fans; I’m writing via off-line mode while taking a break from a floor project. Black paint is drying, so it’s best to take ten or more giant steps away from the work and enjoy a break!  Nine pieces of plywood make up this large jigsaw floor puzzle that will upgrade an 8-foot area that overlooks the river. Clear thick plastic protects each finished panel until all are fine-tuned and adjusted to merge with the others.  The design should be ready for varnish on Tuesday.  It’s been a challenging and rewarding project, and you’ll see the entire floor on the next Timeout for Art.

Center 4' x 4' Section - detail

Center 4′ x 4′ Section – detail

Border Detail

Border Detail

Yesterday my dear friend Silvana, back from her internship in Minnesota, dropped by the house and happily accepted the task of filling in areas with color. We set up a work area on the balcony and watched the birds and fishermen as we painted. Time flew, and at sunset we stopped to take photos from a slightly-different vantage point before she returned to Jama.

P1230038 late jan birds in breeding foliage

Although the rainy season is quite late, many birds are displaying breeding plumage.

Silvana gazes toward the boca as the fisherman snags another fish!

Silvana gazes toward the boca as the fisherman snags another fish!

The Claro USB internet modem rolled over and played ‘possum this past Monday morning and continued to flatline until yesterday around noon, when it worked for about ten minutes. Like February’s Mr. Groundhog, it wasn’t too fond of seeing its shadow and quickly returned to hibernation mode! (I’ve learned to open as many pages as possible then read them off line.)

P1230058 fisherman with fish boca

Why spend time online when one can be enjoying a day with Mother Nature?!


At night, when the river is quiet and I am painting, time sometimes seems to halt; I emerged from my painting trance at 1:30 this morning and was shocked to see how long I had worked. I was also shocked to see that the USB modem had awakened and was communicating with cyberspace, so I stayed online for several hours and caught up just a tiny bit.

Many posts caught my attention:

Hugh Curtler opened his post with this sentence, “Unless perhaps you live in Ecuador, where such trivial incidents are rightly ignored, you have probably been aware of the controversy surrounding the footballs used in the AFC Championship by the New England Patriots.”
He was right; I had not heard about the controversy, and I had not heard the scores and (gasp) did not know which teams would be playing in the Super Bowl. Enjoy his post and spend time exploring his site. This sensitive Emeritus Professor of Philosophy might have retired from mentoring others and coaching tennis, but he prompts us to think and reflect and question our values with thought-provoking posts.

P1230065 end of day casting line rio jama small file

Raye, a witty and multiple-talented friend, posted a fun invitation to dinner. I volunteered to run a magic-carpet carpool – let me know if you’d like to thumb a ride, but please let her know that you’d like to attend. https://jotsfromasmallapt.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/consider-yourself-invited

P1230064 end of day catch fishing rio jama

Posts don’t always deliver good news, and an update from another Ray was written by his wife. This post reminds us all of how fragile Life can be, and to treasure the moments we have with our loved ones. Things can change suddenly, as this post illustrates. Please join a world-wide support group as a highly-talented artist fights for his health and his life.

Simple pleasures and easy smiles

“Southern Cross” Carlos in Argentina pairs soothing images with poetic narratives about the pastoral countryside of his area. His posts changed tone in the past year as he dealt with his diagnosis of cancer, and he waves a flag every so often and gives us another peaceful serving of “southern” South America. His most recent post failed to open, but I’ll be there soon, dear Carlos, to see what lovely story and images you have shared this week.

Sunset Calm

Sunset Calm

With little time online, I’ve missed seeing many favorite blog sites. In yesterday’s short window of time I was blessed with another grand batch of images (that loaded via inbox!) from BlueBrightly … Sigh, she is SO talented and captures the essence of Nature.

Hey! He caught a fish as well! (And later gave me fish for dinner!)

Hey! He caught a fish as well! (And later gave me fish for dinner!)

This post about Ingapirca remained on my screen until the images finally loaded and was worth the wait. I was unable to nudge, push or kick my comment from my computer to the post, but wow, if you want to travel to an ancient site, this post will transport you there immediately! I visited Ingapirca seven or eight years ago, and this post makes me wistful to return.

He called these fish "Raspara Balsa"

He called these fish “Raspara Balsa”

Most of the time I am able to read posts via the inbox, but the link to the page usually delivers a blank page that states, “This webpage is not available.” Sigh – if you see that someone from Ecuador visited your site, it might have been my failed attempts to wave a flag to say, ‘I’m here and I tried!”

Here’s one that arrived via email post that gave me a chuckle, especially about bartering for a lower price when you know what that lower price can be: https://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/a-very-superior-type-of-beach-mat-chapter-11-a-samian-summer (Thanks for the entire narrative in the inbox – I was unable to view the images or open the page/leave a comment, but I enjoyed the story!)

Not bad for an end-of-day view with temps around 85 degrees?

Not bad for an end-of-day view with temps around 85-degrees F ?

Debbie, I’m quite curious to read your post that addresses the “Perpetual Tourist.” The cyber demons have made that task difficult, but I’ll be back when they’re not looking! I have a fun “Perpetual Tourist” Story from when I was tarpon fishing in your Lake Nicaragua. It’s worthy of a post; my friend and sidekick on that trip was Barb, who will second the motion of it being blog worthy! Until then, I’ll wonder what this post is about:

Back home, the view upriver is equally stunning.

Back home, the view upriver is equally stunning.

I’ll be trying another company’s USB system soon and hope that it will be an improvement over the one I’ve been using. If so, I might ask if I can be a traveling salesman and peddle their system to others who live away from the main grid! For now, this primitive USB connection seems to be back in its normal mode – working for ten minutes then not for the next hour or so.  It even saved the draft of this post! Yes, I might be able to shove this post out of the gate before it slams shut!

Hold that thought, and I’ll be back on Thursday!

How many birds?  Birds soar home to the mangroves as the new moon waxes in the sky.

How many birds? Birds soar home to the mangroves as the new moon waxes in the sky.

(This even qualifies for this week’s WP Challenge – Express Yourself!  Go HERE for many creative versions of this theme.)