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Who’s that guy looking down from the Basilica? It’s Bob Ramsak of Piran Cafe!!!!

Silvana of Monoaullador and I were delighted to say “WELCOME BACK!”  to our WordPress pal, Bob Ramsak (Piran Cafe)  today in Quito.      Bob’s trail brought him through the Jama area two years ago as he traveled (overland) from Argentina to Chile, Bolivia, Peru and on to Ecuador on his way through the Americas.   The following post summarized WEEK 18 as he finished the Ecuador leg of his journey: BOOTLEg BARBIES, AN INAUGURATION, A MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO, AND THE COOLEST FLOOR IN THE WORLD.

So who is Bob?  His “About Page”  offers a great summary:  “I’ve visited 54 countries and roam often as a writer, editor and translator, but Piran Café is not a travel blog. It’s evolved into a notebook, a collection of experiences and moments, long and short, connected and propelled by my primary passions: travel, art, culture and justice. When they and I cross paths, you’ll find some of the results here.”


The true gift is to visit with Bob in person, where he taps into his thought-provoking reservoir of knowledge and shares stories that range from world-class sporting events to the dangers of street photography.   SURVIVING A STREET ASSAULT IN POTOSI or THE DANGERS OF STREET PHOTOGRAPHY  The posts are great, but the stories in person are even better!  (Thanks, Bob!)

And from his first week back in Quito:


La Iglesia de el Sagratio – Free Quito Walking Tour

Escaping the Frenzy – A Quiet Quito Sunday Afternoon Photo Walk

Keep your eye out for him and say, “Hey Bob! Tell us a story!” (And tell him that Lisa and Silvana sent you!)


Welcome back, Bob! We look forward to more stories!

PS: Silvana and I have toured a few doctors’ offices while in Quito, so expect an update soon on allergies, chronic coughs and their triggers.  Feeling Better, Z