Pelican Drop - Rio Jama Ecuador

Pelican Drop – Rio Jama Ecuador

Hi from Jama/Ecuador! I’m taking a fast timeout while in town getting supplies; we received about half an inch of rain last night – Ya-HOO – and the humid air suggests more rain.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and for your feedback/advice; I’m still baffled why the ‘allergy’ seems to be returning – only the allergy tests were normal.  After four days’ solitude at Casa Loca, I was doing fine, but while in town and TALKING to people (!) I realized that my cough was returning. What is my body trying to tell me? “Stay home, stay quiet, watch birds and paint!”

So I’m heading home (internet is too slow there to post) so I will ‘Shut up and paint!’

I hoped to upload a series of shots of this “Pelican Drop,” but the Claro connection is slow here in town as well!

Will be back in town sometime next week.