On the day I was leaving for Quito, Xavier dropped by and said, “Lisa; we’re about to do a little work by the house.”


“Yes;  we’re going to make a little road on the other side of the canal  and build a little puente for you.”


I wasn’t feeling well, so I sat and watched as the  guys built a little bridge to cross the irrigation canal.


And that is IT - Casa Loca's new footbridge!

And that is IT – Casa Loca’s new footbridge!

We have received more rain in March than in the entire three months of the ‘rainy season.’   Most of it surely fell in the past three days.  The rains started, ironically, about thirty minutes after I stood on the balcony one night and stated  to trees, skies, river and the birds, “We sure could use a good rain….”      Thirty minutes later,  a light drizzle peppered the tin roof.  The rain strengthened, and after another half an hour I scribbled a large ‘THANK YOU!’ on a sheet of paper and propped it on the shelf!


I always want to lasso many items that pass the house! banana ‘trees,’ long strips of bamboo, and wooden planks race to the ocean.


The river flows 'outward' full time as the level ebbs high and then lower again as it takes new inventory to Playamart's shelves.

For this first time this rainy season, the river flows ‘outward’ full time, even when the ocean ebbs high.  New inventory restocks Playamart’s shelves every hour!

New driftwood  supply at La Division!

New driftwood supply at La Division! Goodness, I need a truck! (Barbara, where are you?!)

We have received a LOT of rain since.  The cluster of houses lost power on the 2nd day, and we’re still waiting on the repair!   Last night the skies were clear, and a Carl Sagan sky smiled over the landscape.  At some point in the night, the rains returned.

I ran out of cooking gas this morning, so I headed to town when the skies cleared.   Mud boots were mandatory, and Xavier conveniently drove by just as I was leaving the house.   We noted an intense shower in the direction of town and realized that the clouds had taken a short break!  Jama received an  intense straight-down rain that flooded the streets and lasted for several hours.   The river will be swollen and ugly by the end of the day.



I thought of the old song, “Rainy Night in Georgia.”  Yes, it seemed like it was raining all over the world…

Friends have written from several other locations in Ecuador to say that it’s been raining hard for a few days.  I think I’ll go outside tonight and say, “Thanks;  now would you please send some sunshine?”

 Why one should drive with caution when streets are flooded!

Why one should drive with caution when streets are flooded!

Remember that we have an eclipse arriving on the day of the equinox.  (Friday)  If it’s sunny where you are at high noon, step outside and photograph a shadow, por favor.   Lets compare shadows afterwards!  Here’s one from last year:

High noon March 20 2014

High noon on the Equator – March 20 2014

I’m feeling better, but am reminded to talk as little as possible.  Thank goodness these aren’t audio posts!   Z

June Solstice - High noon on the equator!

June Solstice – High noon on the equator!

P.S.  Because of my sister Pat’s comment, I am adding a photo of the sun’s shadow at noon during the June solstice: