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25143348 pencil mosquito gold

Pencil drawing with Gold Metallic Color Effects…

“Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid.”
Mark Twain

(I needed a chuckle and hope that the above quote gave you one as well!)

(Jama Ecuador)  Half of the month of May has passed, and I am just emerging from this mosquito-induced fog.   My friend Cesar complained of a tightness in his neck today, and later he mentioned an ache in his foot.  I remembered well the first arthritic aches, the ones that began a few days after I finished the mosaic mirror for the ladies’ room at Palo Santo.


The mirror photographed best in the gardens!

Luchi’s mother (Nieve) helped with the task, and she later said, “When you asked if you could paint something, I thought you were just going to paint the mirror a different color!”  Nieve helped paint many layers of precise color that created the mosaic effect.

Too tired to hold a pencil the entire month, I sat in the waiting room at the clinic today and worked on a pencil drawing of mosquitoes.   I photographed it at lunch and applied several creative twists via computer program, Paint.   It’s a start, and hopefully my energy will improve a bit more each day.

25143348 pencil mosquito rain drop

Pencil drawing with ‘rain drop’ effect…

The 1st ‘dengue test’ two weeks ago showed double negativo for dengue…  no history of previous infections and no new infection.  Today’s 2nd ‘Dengue test” showed a double positivo… The tests confirmed that I have had dengue in the past and that I am just recovering from a new round of dengue.    The doctor said that many people are getting dengue or chikungunya, and then become infected with the other.

The rest of the blood work shows that I am recovering well, and I am to return each week just to confirm that there are no new complications.

I assume that the worst is behind me!
Thanks everyone, and stay well!