Working from life... bringing the outdoors inside...

Working from life… bringing the outdoors inside…

“Nature did all things well” – Michelangelo

(Mindo Ecuador)-  The Angels Trumpet painting continues to grow!  The design evolves depending on which flowers open each night.  Because their peak bloom is at night, I bring one or two blossoms inside, where I arrange them to hang beside the canvas.  (Their intoxicating fragrance is a grand bonus!)

Angels Trumpet Acrylic

from last week:  Angels Trumpet Acrylic

There are four or five more evening painting sessions before the 3′ x 42″painting is finished.  My internet time is limited, so enjoy watching these flowers come to life, and stay tuned for a more-technical post next week!

Angels Trumpet leaf detail

Angels Trumpet leaf detail – Working with a strong light source, I add the colors of the leaf while the ‘model’ hangs a foot from the canvas.

Angels trumpet leaf detail

Angels trumpet leaf detail

Angels Trumpet leaf detail

Angels Trumpet leaf detail

Angels Trumpet in progress

Angels Trumpet in progress  (How do you like it so far?)  Sometimes I set up and work from the balcony until darkness stops the painting progress.   After darkness sets in, I move to better work area inside.


More flowers in need of leaves!

More leaves!

More leaves!

The week has been full w/details for my friends’ move back to the USA.   If you want to know the various ways to send cats to the ‘States, ask me!  It’s been a challenging week, but we have made huge progress;   thanks again for your kind words and concerns for Julie’s treatments.   Will be updating on her progress soon as well.

There are many stories to share, but because of limited internet, they will be patiently waiting their turn.    This post is in queue to be published on Thursday, and I should be back online for a few hours over the weekend.

Thanks, as always, for your support!