Butterfly Safari - Reserve your seat!

Butterfly Safari – Reserve your seat!

Last-minute booking!  Many people are signing up for the Butterfly Safari, so my navigator suggests we embark at midnight tonight beneath the full moon.

Norway, Prague (Sorry Lynn, but we have to at least buzz you and Ron while you’re on the river cruise!);  Babs in the California foothills made a request, “Then let us land at that spot on that quiet lake, near the lily pads and reeds to watch the flitting around of the very colorful dragonflies.”
Barb, who is pondering flying here to help with some projects, will hop on in Panama and maybe she’ll stay onboard until we return the magic carpet to Casa Loca.     We’ll pick up Wendy in Costa Rica and Debbie (and Ron too?) in Nicaragua and – wait, there’s John and Mary in Ecuador!  So much planning, but hey, it’s a magic carpet Butterfly Safari!

Maurine in New Zealand, Maurine (and Jack) in Australia- boodness, we definitely have a magical ride on the wind as we chase butterflies around the world!

Leave a comment with the names of passengers (many of you will be bringing a guest?) and the location, and the navigator will get busy plotting the new itinerary!  Wait, is there a lepidopterist in the house?


Thanks, everyone! It’s good being back online if only for a few days!  What a finale, a moon-light Butterfly Safari!

It’s Luchy’s birthday, so I’m making a detour thru the middle of the day.  I look forward to seeing the final passenger list.  Will be  back late afternoon to coordinate the flight.

See you tonight!