Dear Martita

Dear Martita

It’s her sparkling eyes that I’ll remember.   A lovely woman cherished by many, our dear Martita Brito passed away on Saturday, October 3, 2015.   Marta embraced life with infectious enthusiasm, and she seemed to pull energy from the earth and radiate it out through her touch, her smile and her eyes.  She often put others first and herself last, and she spread a large swath of sunshine wherever she went.


02 2P1560838 marta y marie

She talked lovingly of her home city of Riobamba, though she lived in Quito during the years that I knew her. Because of failing health, she was living with her family in Houston, Texas when she died. I extend my deepest sympathies to her loved ones.

02 P1560652 marie marta cafe cultura

03 P1750222 marta y man quito sunligh

She posed so that I could capture the man and the incredible light in the background!

04 P1750226 marta y graffiti

She loved showing others her beloved Ecuador.


After selecting flowers, she showed me where to buy dried stevia, horchata and guayusa.

05 P1560656 marta hank marie cafe cultura quito

She immediately accepted my friends, Hank and Marie, into her own circle of friendship.

05 P1750561 marta brito saritas

“Tell me about yourself,” she often asked a new acquaintance.  She was an attentive listener.

07 P1560835 marie marta quito good news

She often helped others find their way thru Life’s mazes.

Marta – dear, precious Martita. There will be one new star twinkling in the night sky, and your unique spirit will forever linger in my heart.

08a P1750181 portrait of marta guayasam

I loved admiring this portrait of the spirited young beauty that Guayasamin captured so many years ago!


Always-attentive Martita

09 a P1560650 marta

09 b P1560650 marta goodbye dear marta

Goodbye, dear dear Marta

You were a treasure and will be missed.
Love, Lisa