My Life in the Foothills has Passed Away –    Babs (Barbara Beacham) was great at hooking me every so often with fiction stories that I thought were true, so I first thought this might be another one of her masterly-written short stories.  I quickly realized that the post was written by her grief-stricken husband.

Barbara was a gifted photographer and loved sharing the beauty of nature with her readers.  She had a sense of humor and was a tireless cheerleader, even when my online time dwindled to sporadic visits to her posts.   She was also an artist in the kitchen – a true Renaissance woman.

In August, she participated in the Butterfly Safari and requested “… let us land at that spot on that quiet lake, near the lily pads and reeds to watch the flitting around of the very colorful dragonflies.”     She even gave a positive ‘Flip Adviser’ testimonial regarding the landing!. .. “I loved this trip! All the colors in so many places. Thank you for hosting and allowing all of us to board the magic carpet. Hugs to you chica for also making it to the lily pads! ^..^ P.S. The landing was not bad at all!”


For you, Babs…

I missed seeing her late-August post written while she was recovering from pneumonia.  Today Was a Good Day.

She revealed to us in September  more details of her battle.  She said to me, “How bout when you leave the coast you make a trip up here and I can hop on the magic carpet. I think sitting in the warm water off the coast somewhere in your neck of the woods, or close by, would be very relaxing. 🙂 Are you game? ^..^”

A very dear and brave woman will no longer grace the WordPress community with her unique and always-positive presence.   Goodbye, dear Babs.   You will be missed, and perhaps you’ll tag along on some of the magic carpet journeys as an invisible copilot.

“My Life in the Foothills has Passed Away”

I extend my deepest sympathies to her loved ones.

Love, Lisa