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Dawn awakenings in Ecuador's cloud forest.

Dawn awakenings in Ecuador’s cloud forest.

Most every morning I awaken with a plate-full of dreams still lingering in my psyche. They war at times with lucid thoughts, and I question, “Where do these thoughts come from?” (Perdon, but “from where do these thoughts arise,” just doesn’t flow well!)

(Ecuadorian Thrush) As I inspect my awakening thoughts, the thrush is the official Inspector of the Gardens.

(Ecuadorian Thrush) As I inspect my awakening thoughts, the thrush is the official Inspector of the Gardens.

This morning a cyber headline from last week played over and over, much like a banner running nonstop across a viewing screen. “Monsanto charged with Crimes Against Humanity” and I wondered just what crimes are named or if it was a headline to prompt visits to the site. Without being online for the ease of a search tool, I decided the most-obvious reason might be connected to Agent Orange and its use in the Vietnam War.

In 2011, Bob Ramsak of Piran Cafe wrote about his visit to “Thanhxuan Peace Village, or Lang Hoa Binh Than Xuan, an orphanage, school and clinic in Hanoi set up specifically for victims of Agent Orange. It was also the last time I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before an appreciative audience.”

Had he not shared this story about Agent Orange Center for Children, I might have dismissed the Agent Orange idea. I know Bob, however, and he is a highly-professional and ultra-sensitive sports and travel writer. His photos capture world-class athletes at their grandest moments, and they also capture the beauty of nature as well as the many facets of human nature. He supports the arts BIG TIME, thankyouverymuch, Bob! Bob expanded on this story in person when he spent time with Silvana (WordPress Blog Monoaullador) and me on Ecuador’s coast in 2013. He says that he thinks of that center every day.

Upside down inspector of hibiscus!

Upside down inspector of hibiscus!

Today’s epistle prompts you to visit Bob’s post; just the thought and impact of this story and images brings tears to my eyes. Posts like this anchor me back to earth when I sometimes float a bit too high on my artistic-induced adventures. This one humbles me, helps me to be a better person, and will forever be etched in my psyche.

Sometimes we should look inward and remember those who are less fortunate…

Again, thank you Bob. Your work does make a positive difference, even when the stories aren’t pretty.